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  1. whit3tig3y

    Which book set you off on a life of crime (reading)?

    I bought "The Killing Hour" by Lisa Gardner back when I was about 16 when my power went out at home for a week and had nothing better to do than to read. LOVED that book, and started reading all her other books. And then moved onto other crime books :)
  2. whit3tig3y

    Suggestions: October 2009 Book of the Month

    I'm new to this but thought I'd contribute... I'd like to suggest: Fractured by Karin Slaughter Because its about murder etc, and because I have it sitting on my book shelf waiting to be read :) “Breathless tension!” raved the San Francisco Chronicle. “One of [the year’s] most...
  3. whit3tig3y

    English Study

    OK So I have a lawe studies aptitude test coming up in 2 months time, and I want to study so I can do really well in it. Its a multiple choice test, but what you have to do is it gives you bits of essays, using REALLY complex english, and really complex theories, and then you have to interperate...
  4. whit3tig3y

    Sylvia Plath: The Bell Jar

    OK now I have just finished reading "The Bell Jar".... and I have NO idea whats up with the ending... it just stops. The only conclusion I can come to is she was released and got on with her life and that was the "end" of that phase so thats where the book stopped? Let me know if i'm right on...
  5. whit3tig3y

    Poll: How old is the average reader on this Forum?

    I'm 20, and I haven't really been into reading. But I certainly have become more into it, in the last 3 months or so?
  6. whit3tig3y

    Looking for book suggestions

    I suggest Lisa Gardners books. These books are either written in the eyes of a female cop/investigator/marine, or written as a female victim point of view. All her books are written in the eyes of a female.
  7. whit3tig3y

    Required to read in your school years.

    We read (and I quite enjoy ALL of them): Lord of the Flies Hamlet Day of the Triffids The Chrysalids
  8. whit3tig3y

    October 2008 Book group suggestions

    My suggestions: Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb - True story in diary form of a 13yo girl that developes annorexia The Killing Hour by Lisa Gardner - Female officer investigates an eco killer Million Little Pieces by James Frey Said to be the best true story of all times, about a drug addict...
  9. whit3tig3y

    John Wyndham: The Day Of The Triffids

    I have the John Wyndham Omnibus sitting at home that i'm going to start reading tonight! It has Day of the Triffids, Kraken Wakes and Chrysalids in it, can't wait! I read Chrysalids back in highschool, and I think i had the first chapter of Day of the Triffids read to me as well.
  10. whit3tig3y

    Lisa Gardner

    I really love this author. I've read 3 of her books now (The Killing Hour, The Third Victim, The Survivors Club) and I feel saddened when I finish the books because theres nothing more to read! I don't get to live with the characters anymore! So I thought i'd start a thread about her books...
  11. whit3tig3y

    What is your all time favourite Crime, Mystery or Thriller?

    All of Lisa Gardners books. I've read 3 of them now, and I just can't put them down! Crime and romance,THE best!!
  12. whit3tig3y

    What book is this?

    No this isn't it :(. The book i'm after was in the eyes of a boy I think. His family were on the boat as well. It wasn't a cargo boat as such, it was more of a boat for taking people to other lands. Maybe an explorers boat. All I can REALLY remember is there was a whole section about the...
  13. whit3tig3y

    What book is this?

    I found an e-book for it. I'll see if it sounds familiar :)
  14. whit3tig3y

    Favorite Color Game

    Red makes everything go faster :P I like black. Some people whine that its not a colour its a shade, but I still like it as a colour. Its every colour, but is often thought to mean nothingness at the same time.
  15. whit3tig3y

    Real pictures of you

    BAD!! Very much "look what the cat dragged in" at our house. Except its "look what fell out of the cat, now we have to keep it because it will be to hard to give away"
  16. whit3tig3y

    What book is this?

    Unfortunately I don't remember what my teachers name was. And it wasn't as a subject or study, it was just a book the teacher read us I think because she liked it.
  17. whit3tig3y

    Real pictures of you

    You have to find cats? Lucky!! Ours just keep multiplying. We now have 7! People are going to think im turning into the crazy cat lady at this rate.
  18. whit3tig3y

    Question Game

    Made a fuss that some how someone stuck a sticker on the toilet roll holder in the work bathroom saying "WA Shrooms" (WA being a state of australia and shrooms being a drug). Someone then pointed out it said washrooms. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  19. whit3tig3y

    Real pictures of you

    This is me I'm the one on the right. I know I know, we look very similar. But you can spot a few small differences. :p
  20. whit3tig3y

    Pet Peeves

    My partner drives around the parking lot until a spot at the very front opens up. It peeves me because he spends more time looking than it would to walk. My pet peeve is when someone is READY to leave the house and go somewhere, and its quickly "oh let me just quickly put this song on the...