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  1. Alberto Pupo

    What was/is your favorite children's book?

    Well start with Road Dahl and just go through his bibliography that should work.
  2. Alberto Pupo

    Most hated 'classic' novel you've actually read

    I did not necessarily hate it. But is it overrated? You better believe it!
  3. Alberto Pupo

    What is your "Must Read" book?

    That would be A Song of Fire and Ice. I also have to concur the Harry Potter series is special considering it is pretty much the one "young adult series" that has been universally read.
  4. Alberto Pupo

    Speed Reading

    Personally I read very fast in general. However, speed reading technique is best used when you are working on academic research and are trying to synthesize a lot of information for a deadline. So unless the novel I am reading is going to require some sort of academic analysis within a certain...
  5. Alberto Pupo

    Author Blog

    Hello everyone, Please check out my author blog for news, updates, original flash fiction and short stories. https://albertopupoblog.wordpress.com/
  6. Alberto Pupo

    What are your favorite Discworld novels?

    Impossible to choose just one as they are all different in approach and theme. Great books in my opinion.
  7. Alberto Pupo

    What type of fantasy do you read?

    As far as fantasy my absolute favorites in the genre are The Wheel of Time Series and The Song of Fire and Ice. These two series are the measuring stick for the genre in my opinion.
  8. Alberto Pupo

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Alberto Pupo I a self published Sci-fi Indie Author, who currently has 3 published novels but seven books overall of different genres. I am reside in Frederick Maryland and I am a married father of three crazy kids. Besides being an author though I am also a voracious reader as well...