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    Joseph by Julian Rathbone

    Has anyone else enjoyed this marvellously bizarre adventure set in the Peninsular War? Rathbone's best books are a series of very odd but enjoyable historical novels. This is the first of three featuring a bizarre anti-hero Joseph Bosham who is never quite what he seems but witnesses the...
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    Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love

    Very powerful artwork
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    Anne Rice: Cry to Heaven

    This may seem weird but I have read this book but can remember absolutely nothing about it
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    Crichton's Historical Fiction

    I must admit to have not read any of these but the film of the 1st Great Train Robbery was very enjoyable.
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    Any self-publishers around (Kindle)?

    Just get a free ISBN from Smashwords. I have three eBooks, historical thrillers set in the 19th Century and just about to put the first into paperback with Createspace. Somehow that seems more grown up than eBooks.
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    As I write historical thrillers then history itself is my usual starting point and from actual events I just let my imagination run riot.
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    Medieval torture

    MMMM distinctly weird
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    Do you take time to leave a review?

    Very rarely I don't see the point of reviewing everything we buy
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    Do feel cheated by famous writers "subcontracting" novels?

    Am I alone in feeling cheated when famous writers churn out novels "written with" or "in collaboration with" some unknown. Clive Cussler is a classic example, Tom Clancy another. I find it a cynical money marketing ploy and always it produces an inferior book. "From a story by" is another strap...
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    Jack Higgins

    I much prefer his older work, the Dillon series are a bit to light and formulaic though I did enjoy Thunder Point.
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    Peninsular Spy - Napoleonic Wars thriller

    My latest novel Peninsular Spy is now published as an eBook through all the usual outlets including Amazon. The sequel to An Agent of the King it takes Archie Dexter a secret agent working for the British in desperate hunt for a dangerous traitor that will see him embroiled in adventures from...
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    Julian Rathbone

    Julian Rathbone has written some of the oddest but rather entertaining novels of the years. His unique take on historical fiction is I believe his best area of work. Has anyone else out there read much of his work and formed and opinion?
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    An Agent of the King by NJ Slater - a Napoleonic Wars thriller

    This is my first novel published as an ebook through the usual outlets. Archie Dexter is a spy, a complex man reluctantly drawn away from his hedonistic lifestyle to fight the machinations of Napoleon's spies from the ballrooms of high society London to the slums and dark shadows of the...
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Dead Men Risen - the story of the Welsh Guards in Afghanistan
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    Hello, I am a new member, avid reader but more recently writer

    Purely as a hobby at the moment I have begun writing fiction. I am working on my second Napoleonic era adventure/thriller which will be published as an ebook shortly. I have also written a thriller set in the dark underworld of Victorian England. A sci-fi geo-political thriller remains...