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  1. readsalot

    Looking for Multi-Genre recommendations...

    Detective Novels: Go classic - Sherlock Holmes Sci-Fi: Alastair Reynolds has some decent stuff Detective Sci-Fi: JD Robb has a series about a futuristic cop. Can't really miss them if you google the name. (Amazon.com: J.D. Robb: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle
  2. readsalot

    Waddles In

    The thermometer said - 3 this morning. I don't think I've ever seen a negative on that thing. I agree on the indoor reading weather. Space heaters are wonderful things.
  3. readsalot

    Looking for Multi-Genre recommendations...

    sci fi - Ender's Game (just the first ones...the rest get progressively worse)
  4. readsalot

    Book for a non-Reader?

    Hi Cristina, I suggest trying some YA stuff. YA's a wonderful genre because generally it's shorter than adult fiction and the authors know they've gotta grab the audience pretty darn fast. Vivian Vande Velde, Haddix (selectively), and even Brandon Sanderson have some interesting YA. removed...
  5. readsalot

    Books that totally blew you away

    I enjoyed Cry of the Icemark, but I don't think that's remotely considered literature.
  6. readsalot

    Hello, Everybody!

    Hi. Yo works too :-P
  7. readsalot

    Hey People

    Yay. Welcome. We love people who read :-) I especially like when people read a wide variety of things. I'll read most genres (except erotica, horror, and most nonfic)
  8. readsalot

    Hello all, could use some help...

    You might want to try outlineing. Perhaps you have a few story lines crossed in your head. If you outline, you can tell if you have 1, 2, 3 or more stories to tell and beat them back into their corners. Then, you should be able to take one thread and run with it. Best way to get better at...
  9. readsalot

    Hello Everyone, It's Léana :)

    Welcome. My French is terribly rusty... Hope you like it here. I learned to type on a forum like this...I'm sure there's lots of good practice to be had.
  10. readsalot

    Hello from Spain

    Ha, well, your English is much better than my Spanish. I think my experience with that language can be confined to 2 semesters of college and a soap opera called destinos.
  11. readsalot

    Evenin' All

    Hi. So many books, so little time. Welcome to the best kind of BAR :-P
  12. readsalot

    Waddles In

    Hi, DATo, nice to see somebody new. How's the weather in the midwest. Been awfully cold of late East Coast.
  13. readsalot

    YA Book Recommendations (early 2014 edition)

    I've been wanting to read the Hardy Boys book casefile on the civil war reinactment. (Uncivil War)
  14. readsalot

    YA Book Recommendations (early 2014 edition)

    Ah the old wanting what's difficult to obtain :-P What new treasures have you acquired lately?
  15. readsalot

    Eternal Life - Pros & Cons. If not, why not?

    Probably all true...but how are you going to change the hearts of the politicians and money hungry corporations?
  16. readsalot

    YA Book Recommendations (early 2014 edition)

    How many books do you have that are scanned?
  17. readsalot

    Eternal Life - Pros & Cons. If not, why not?

    Eternal life on this Earth would probably be a bad idea b/c of natural resources.
  18. readsalot


    Media mail is about $2.53 for a 1-2 pound book. I imagine that could get pricey.
  19. readsalot

    YA Book Recommendations (early 2014 edition)

    Where are you getting them in electronic form? I thought a lot of them were out of print I still read graphic novels that are star wars...guess I just keep trying them, hoping they'll get better.
  20. readsalot


    The one loophole I've found in my "non-fiction is usually terrible" thinking is forensics and serial killers. I don't read true crime, but I imagine that would also be a fuzzy area. Body Farm was fascinating.