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  1. Sar

    Umberto Eco: Foucault's Pendulum

    After seeing this book recommended here many times over, I finally got round to finishing it yesterday. Must confess I did initially find the climax to the book to be really disappointing & the end even more so, but thinking about it I like that it is so open to individual interpretation what...
  2. Sar

    Philosophy discussion

    Whilst I haven't read it I have heard Think is a really good book. If it is something to give you a basic grounding in philosophy you might want to look at Nigel Warburton's "Philosophy: The Basics" which covers key areas in philosophy in an easy to understand but non patronising way.
  3. Sar

    someone has to do it

    I know I'm not here very often anymore .. but happy new year everyone
  4. Sar

    Philosophy Primer

    After hunting for ages for a good quality introduction to philosophy I had Philosophy: The Basics by Nigel Warburton recommended to me & I can't recommend it highly enough. In addition to this, Warburton has also written a book called Philosophy: The Classics, in which he gives an overview of...
  5. Sar

    Favorite non-fiction books?

    I would find it impossible to choose a favourite non-fiction book, as surely you pick & choose what you want to read going by what you want to learn at the time. An example being there is no way I could compare a photography book to a philosophy or science one. Sorry if I seem pedantic - just...
  6. Sar

    any book suggestions?

    If you are considering 1984 & have said you like easy to read books it might be worth trying out Animal Farm first. (Also by George Orwell)
  7. Sar

    Who are your favorite mystery writers?

    Tess Gerritsen-wise I have The Surgeon, The Apprentice & The Sinner, I do keep on meaning to read them but have such a HUGE pile of books awaiting reading that the keep getting overlooked. Am hoping she is in the same vein as Kathy Reichs
  8. Sar

    Word Game Forum

    Oooooooo - I like that idea. I love word games & think it's an excellent idea having some space put to one side for them & similar such things here. Good suggestion Stewart
  9. Sar

    General classics discussion: which do you like?

    I guess there could be some debate over what exactly is termed as a classic, but some which I have thoroughly enjoyed include: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell: Helps to remind us the importance of not merely following orders Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte: I agree that it's very...
  10. Sar

    Who are your favorite mystery writers?

    My preference lies with the police procedural / forensic writers at the moment, so amongst my favourites are Kathy Reichs, Jeffery Deaver & Patricia Cornwell. I've also heard tess Gerritsen has a very similar style, but whilst I own several of her books I haven't got round to reading them yet.
  11. Sar

    Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451

    I read this book due to recommendations I received through TBF & whilst I really liked the general idea behind it, I was left slightly disappointed by the book. I appreciate that I was reading it at an entirely different time to when it was originally written, but felt that the book was sadly...
  12. Sar

    Rising Tides of Darkness

    This is my first attempt at poetry, as you can no doubt tell, admittedly it has been rehashed since its invention. Please offer advice on possible improvements, but remember I have never pretended to know anything about poetry. Rising Tides of Darkness I hear it whisper my name ...
  13. Sar

    How often do you buy books?

    It's so nice to hear how totally normal I am (well, relatively speaking), I was starting to think I was some book crazed shopaholic or something. I struggle to walk passed a bookshop without buying anything, each time I go into town I tend to look around the charity shops at their second hand...
  14. Sar

    Which films or books have challenged the way you think?

    Everyone has their own spin on the truth, it's human nature, I therefore tend to read all "nonfiction" books with an open mind to author bias.
  15. Sar

    Which films or books have challenged the way you think?

    After a couple of months of not having the time or concentration to read anything other than Harry Potter I'm now back to craving books. I've now read Fahrenheit 451, have 1984 winging its way to me, been trying to get hold of A Brave New World & Foucault's Pendulum & have been looking at...
  16. Sar

    Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials

    I've recently bought the first book of this series for my eldest daughter, she's 11 & I'm trying to find books other then the HP series, Sleepover Club & Jaqui Wilson books for her to enjoy. Neither of us have read this as yet though, certainly has excellent feedback from everywhere I've looked...
  17. Sar

    Jeffrey Deaver

    I've read the one Collector & enjoyed it so much I immediately went out & bought the other Lincoln Rhyme books (admittedly second hand) I just have a huge mountain of books waiting to be read & therefore need to get round to the rest of the series.
  18. Sar

    overcoming depression

    I'm impressed by how honest people are being, depression is still such a stigma even nowadays and it shouldn't be. I have the misfortune of suffering from depression & anxiety - whenever one gives me a break the other tends to kick in & at times everything has felt really bleak for me. The...
  19. Sar

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Discussion *Spoiler Alert*

    From what I remember, wasn't Malfoy crying because he if couldn't do it then they were going to kill both him & his family? Something along those lines anyway
  20. Sar

    Up for a book exchange?

    I must confess I joined up bookcrossing following Flowerdk4's suggestion & now I'm well & truly hooked. Have already had one book donated to me, am swapping another book with someone else, have been invited to a local book group's picnic & I've only been there for a few days Thanks Flower!