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    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I'll add them to my list. jaybe: I've not read A Fine and Private Place, though I have heard it's quite excellent.
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    Hello from Florida

    Well, then, here's hoping your garden heals itself. My herb garden isn't looking too pretty either. They were not happy about the cold weather.
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    I think Audiobooks are a mixed bag. I have listened to some AMAZING audio books as well as some AMAZINGLY BAD audio books. The good ones I thoroughly enjoy, but it's hard to tell without giving them a chance first. And great books can be made into terrible audio books. I like to listen to audios...
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    Arthur Miller; The Crucible

    I read this in High School, yet it remains one of my favorite works of literature. It's absolutely incredible and richly layered. Glad you are enjoying it.
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    Posy Simmonds

    This was recently recommended to me by a friend. What did you enjoy about it? I'd like to know more before I check it out.
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    Comic books vs. books

    I find it interesting that most people here seem to view comics as a gateway to youths who are reluctant to reading rather than a legitimate literary form all in its own. While I know plenty of people who would not be able to read without comics (my little brother included), I personally read...
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    Hello from Florida

    I live in the Panhandle and it has been exceptionally cold for Florida! I moved here from Maine, though. So this is nothing!
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    Monica Ali: Brick Lane

    I have seen the film, but was actually unaware of its print status until reading this thread. I enjoyed the film greatly. It was very paced and nuanced, but enjoyable and well directed. I did not feel that the film was racist in any way, merely showing things from the perspective of a different...
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    I have indeed read The Last Unicorn multiple times since my childhood. It is still quite excellent. I even had the honor of meeting Mr. Beagle at last year's MegaCon. He's a really, really nice guy and talked a lot about his musical endeavors. Libra: I actually noticed that thread just after...
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    I am a lover of serious fantasy. Martin, Goodkind, Tolkien. But I am also a lover of unicorns. Sadly, though, nearly all of the books featuring unicorns are children's books. Not that I have not devoured and loved these thoroughly, I would just like to give my adult brain a bit more of a...