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Search results

  1. MagnaMater

    "The Lord of the Rings" vs "The Chronicles of Narnia"

    I read the cronicals of Narnia several times as a child and then I also read the Hobbit, and liked the hobbit less - FIRST - because, when I got presented the lord of the rings it turned one of my favourite book. Thinking about it, I imagine it's because the LOTR is less moralizing, when I...
  2. MagnaMater

    Karen Miller: The Innocent Mage

    Dito, fell first for the cover, too *grins* bought the yellow one, and thought it perfect, how the persons mix on the back of volumes one and two standing in the shelf together, just couldn't say no. but I reading I found, I like the story, too, though at first I wasn't that happy with the...
  3. MagnaMater

    What do you use as a bookmark?

    Amazingly - lately discovered for my bathing-tub: a rubberband bus-tickets are bound to fall into the water at some point, if you read in the tub..
  4. MagnaMater

    Orson Scott Card: Ender's Game

    *screams* AAAAARGH Guess who hasn't red it yet?
  5. MagnaMater

    What do you think of Feist?

    As I said: I got setting-bored half way through Magician. I understood it's been his first book, and one can hardly expect much originality, when a less daring publisher wants to sell a known story; but I continued through the Riftwar where the midkemis-side of the world never turned alien and I...
  6. MagnaMater

    What do you think of Feist?

    I waited too long for posting the correction: In Susanne Gerdom's Elfs you read elfs, think elves, enter what you think to be Lothlorien, first, and when you get over the astonishing japonese-baroque setting, you realize you're actually facing a species more like classical greek dryades.
  7. MagnaMater

    What do you think of Feist?

    To me the characters that carry through the story are rather unimportant (across the fantasy it's mainly schemata BORE: naive boy leaving home, having adventures, is getting cleverer and going to have the good job and the girl in the end). Since there's hardly anything interesting out there on...
  8. MagnaMater

    Patrick Rothfuss: The Name Of The Wind

    I'm reading it at the moment. The prologue was really good so far, it's got a good and solid grip on the reader on the first page, let's see how the rest is - though I cannot imagine it could be getting bad - what's about the second book? When will it arrive?
  9. MagnaMater

    Frank Herbert: Dune

    I liked Dune very much, but I never made it through to the last book, I got lost somewhere in the fourth book and never found my path out of it again... it's been about 20 years ago, and there's actually still a bookmark in it... I should perhaps really take it up or read the whole cycle again...
  10. MagnaMater

    Joe Abercrombie and The First Law trilogy

    Yes, it was good, I'll reread it again...
  11. MagnaMater

    What do you think of Feist?

    And, you read them? I liked his co-production with Jenny Wurtz best, well, that's a question of taste, the rest was a bit too much like lord of the rings for me and not soo good, though, I still wait for reading serpent war, it sounds better
  12. MagnaMater

    Brent Weeks: The Night Angel Trilogy

    dear me... I bought it... you scare me off
  13. MagnaMater

    Orson Scott Card: Ender's Game

    Ah, I have it here, I'm going to read it next, when it's so good as said... dear me, all those books I want to read next... *rolls her eyes*
  14. MagnaMater

    Buy/Sell Section

    Donna Leons Brunetti 15 or 16 (the one he and his wife started heavier drinking in, wanted to know if anybody realized that, too)
  15. MagnaMater

    Buy/Sell Section

    No, it's not there... :sad: - the book... the answer, yes
  16. MagnaMater

    Buy/Sell Section

    Perhaps I'm stoopid and I just didn't find it - since I've not been here often this might be excused. I was looking for a special title and wanted to talk with other people who had read it - nil *amazed* I do not know where this belongs to, but couldn't we have something like THAT...
  17. MagnaMater

    Donna Leon: Death at La Fenice

    :sad: I'm reading the 17th book, The Girl of his Dreams, and first I think it's the saddest book she's ever written, and second, I was a bit amazed, the said girl enters the book on page 113 of 307 :whistling: Well, she's dead, but for to write it on the cover somebody should perhaps die...
  18. MagnaMater

    Post-Apocalyptic! End of the World books

    Bought Ronald Wright's A Scientific Romance today - hope it's good
  19. MagnaMater

    Joe Abercrombie and The First Law trilogy

    Not yet, but I hope it will be good :whistling:;)
  20. MagnaMater

    Post-Apocalyptic! End of the World books

    Some years ago I red a trilogy called Ashes... the author's name was William W Johnstone: he had a mid-west gunman travelling through a post apocalyptic america. It was a rather brutal read, and upset me a lot then, so I presented the book to a friend of mine, when I heard there were not only...