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    Oldest book you own?

    It's hard to tell how old some of my books are but I have a few in which a previous owner has dated it. My oldest one, a copy of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, seems to be from 1921 at most. I also have a little book called "Roman Antiquities" that dates back to 1925. There are some more that look...
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    Suggestion: tell us where you're from

    Lol, no worries :D. Climate wise, New Zealand and Australia are different, I think because Australia is so much bigger (and a little higher up). New Zealand is colder, wetter and, as a result, much greener. We have a few animals introduced from Australia such as wallabies and possums but...
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    Suggestion: tell us where you're from

    Idun, you'll have to ask an Australian as there aren't actually any snakes or particularly poisonous creatures in New Zealand. Why it's probably more tame here than Poland :p.
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    Suggestion: tell us where you're from

    I am a resident of New Zealand. I lived in a horrible place called Hamilton for the first 20 years of my life but have recently moved to Wellington which is great :D. Although in Wellington the weather is worse... at the moment it's supposed to be spring but it's sleeting and I can see my breath...
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    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I sometimes tear off the dated part of a newspaper... it's amusing when you're looking through your old books and find a yellowed scrap of paper dating back 3 years in the middle of a novel you never even finished reading :o. I also have an old plane ticket from San Francisco to Los Angeles...