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  1. Knowze Gungk

    Ask Me Anything ...

    No, it's not the nail. Feel free to give up any time, I'll give you the answer if you ask.
  2. Knowze Gungk

    Ask Me Anything ...

    Martin, 1) Bingo. 2)You can't get more basic than a lever, But the screw is derived from the other basic machine.
  3. Knowze Gungk

    Ask Me Anything ...

    Still wrong on both, I'm afraid. Just because the Kilo's commonly referred to as a unit of weight, doesn't actually mean it is a unit of weight. It's a common misconception, Like how everyone refers to balance scales as a machine for measuring weight, even in the face of the contrary (which...
  4. Knowze Gungk

    Ask Me Anything ...

    Martin, Good job on the first one, but: 2 - The killogram is not a unit of weight 3 - Although they are called basic machines, they are made up of a mob of smaller machines & seem rather complex. When I say basic, I mean it literately.
  5. Knowze Gungk


    The judge who sentanced me, on a spit. And the jury for dessert.
  6. Knowze Gungk

    Ask Me Anything ...

    Okay, let's see here. Which family of quadruped, does not have a gall-bladder? What is the metric unit of weight? How many different types of basic machines are there?
  7. Knowze Gungk

    what are you thinking about?

    Daa daa daa-da. HEY! da-da da-da.
  8. Knowze Gungk

    Christmas Movies

    I'd like to see Gremlins get the "Christmas movie" title it surly deserves.
  9. Knowze Gungk

    Can anybody tell me what is wrong with my stupid printer?

    Here are some possible things that could be the cause the problem. You're not yelling at it loud enough. You're using the wrong kind of hammer. Your threats towards it are not convincing enough. You're using the right kind of hammer, but it's too small. You don't have enough...
  10. Knowze Gungk

    Currently Reading

    About 70% through Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment.
  11. Knowze Gungk

    PC or Mac?

    Commodore 64. Best system ever. Except for, maybe, the Amiga 500, with Pagesetter, the real windows.
  12. Knowze Gungk

    Favorite Quotes

    "I know not what weapons world war Three will be fought with, but world war Four will be fought with sticks & stones." - Albert Einstein. "It is much easier to get people to hate, when the object of their hatred does not look like them." - Michael Moore. "Stupidity is it's own...
  13. Knowze Gungk

    food anyone?

    I call hundreds-and-thousands "fairy s*#t", which is why I'm no longer a Mr Whippy.
  14. Knowze Gungk

    Favourite Myth

    You forgot to add the christian bible stories. Mostly a jumble of poorly translated & awfully dull writings, but it's not without its' interesting points, especially in Revelations.
  15. Knowze Gungk

    Oldest book you own?

    I gots this old book, made of Six 24-carat gold pages fastened together. The pages are covered with some kind of jibberish & pictures of a guy on a horse, a mermaid, a lyre and some mean lookin' guys with weapons. Some kind of saga, I guess. Had it looked at by couple of experts and they...
  16. Knowze Gungk

    Selling your books

    When I aquire books (or anything for that matter) that are not/no longer to my liking, I'll just give them to anyone who asks to borrow them. Making a persons day is worth far more than the money made from selling a book.
  17. Knowze Gungk

    food anyone?

    All my life, I've eaten the best food for next to nothing, because whenever I discover a really good meal, I'll find out how to make it myself, and from there, I'll be able to make small improvements here & there, like extra cheese, a few coffee beans or a small slab of heavily reduced turkey...
  18. Knowze Gungk

    Random traffic

    I reckon that if you used that set in a diner, you, or at least your cleaning staff, would curse the revolting habbits of humans at the end of every day. But at least kids'd think twice before sticking chewing gum under the table.
  19. Knowze Gungk

    Old Home Remedies?

    Allow the virus to take on it's full effect, then try to relax while your familly pampers you back to health. Then get a medical certificate to wave under your bosses nose when they ask where you've been for the past week.
  20. Knowze Gungk

    Scariest Book Ever?

    I don't think there's a book half as scary as what humans do to each other, somewhere on the planet, every single day.