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    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I use the receipt. This way, if I want to read it in a book store, I can always prove that I already own it.
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    Any good Horror novels?

    Well, it would just be too easy to mention any of the many great Stephen King books, so I'll say "Ghost Story" by Peter Straub. If you've seen the movie, this is a hundred times better.
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    Current Non-Fiction reads

    Right Now I'm reading a biography of George Washington by Douglas Southall Freeman. It's a pity that Washington's real life and personality have been laregely overshadowed by his icon status as "Father of the Country," because he was a very interesting and unusual person. IMO, without him we...
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    User Names and Real Names

    I'm just saying that it would be kind of nice to have some idea of whether I'm talking to someone 10 years old or 60, male or female, etc. I don't need to know this, but aesthetically, it would be nice to have some idea. Allowing members to answer a few optional questions for their profiles...
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    Do you read non-fiction?

    The only thing I've read by him is "Adams," and I really liked that, but then, I'm interested in anything about the Founding Fathers.
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    Best "Macho Movie"?

    I like both of those movies. I think "The Unforgiven" is a little flawed, but very interesting. I liked it more the second and subsequent times I saw it. I really enjoyed "Pale Rider" and have it on tape. It's formulaic, but a lot of fun. Michael Moriarty was good as Hull Barrett.
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    Best "Macho Movie"?

    I couldn't agree more. My favorite of these is "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." There are dozens of cool quotes you could take from this. One might be, "When you've got to shoot, shoot, don't talk." Eli Wallach says this to a gunman who interrupted him while taking a bath, and then stood...
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    User Names and Real Names

    Perhaps this could be solved by allowing members to put a small amount of personal info. in their profiles (e.g. date of birth), but only if they wish to, and letting them ignore the questions that they feel uncomfortable answering.
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    Roger Zelazny

    Hi, I'm new on this board. "Doorways in the Sand" is a very easy and pleasant read, and quite funny in parts.
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    Roger Zelazny

    He's my favorite writer. He died a few years ago in his 50s. He wrote mostly sci-fi/fanstasy. The reason I like him is that I think he had more raw talent and intelligence than just about anyone. The quality of his work varies widely, but some of the best are his Amber series, which begins...
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    The Princess Bride

    Both the book and the film were excellent. I'd say that the book was a little better. The best thing about the film is probably Mandy Patinkin as Montoya. At some point while reading the book, I realized that Goldman was pulling my leg with the whole bit about a previous work by Morganstern...