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  1. Schattengestalt

    Frank Herbert: Dune

    I also wanted to note that, while Texas is big, a planet the size of Texas would be tiny. and I don't think it would be able to produce as much spice as the inhabitants of the Dune universe seem to need. although, since plenty of people see the spice as 'oil' it's interesting to think of Dune as...
  2. Schattengestalt

    Frank Herbert: Dune

    hello. I know this thread is a bit old, but it's a discussion forum, right?:) first of all, I think I should start by saying that I read the first three books in three weeks... I was that into them, so it really blew me away to find that so many people find them plodding. :eek: everybody's...
  3. Schattengestalt

    Names you know—in fiction!

    my name is hardly used in books, but it's used in movies for villains a lot. my cousin, owen, was named after the main character in 'a prayer for owen meany.' I've never read it, but my aunt did and apparently really liked it. I think my full name is a fashion company, oddly enough.
  4. Schattengestalt

    Ayn Rand

    ^ true, heteronym. and I also wanted to clarify, because I've thought about it a bit more, when I said "I agree with a lot of what I've read" I should have added 'to an extent' because I do think she gets a bit... intense.
  5. Schattengestalt

    Ayn Rand

    I know this is kind of an old thread, but I had to get my two cents in. :) SFG said, "I don't believe that her works have garnered the respect that they are due simply because of ideological, rather than literary, standards" and I was actually told by my english teacher not to read her at...
  6. Schattengestalt

    Dante's Inferno

    yes, sadly. I'm a senior in high school. :o
  7. Schattengestalt

    Dante's Inferno

    yay! by all means, pm me! I was beginning to think that this was a dead end subject! I'm in the 19th canto, so I'm certainly not done. happy reading! well... maybe not 'happy,' but enjoy Dante!
  8. Schattengestalt

    Dante's Inferno

    I'm reading dante's inferno, the pinsky translation, and I just wanted to see what everyone thought of it. I'm reading it for school (I chose it instead of milton's paradise lost) and, surprise surprise! I'm the only one in my class who chose it. I just wanted to start a bit of scholarly...
  9. Schattengestalt

    Shakespeare's Plays

    I like 'hamlet' and 'twelfth night'. I also like 'the taming of the shrew' and 'a midsummer night's dream'. I certainly haven't read them all, though! it's bound to change. we're reading macbeth in my shakespeare class in a few weeks and I'm excited about that, so maybe I'll have to repost!
  10. Schattengestalt

    r. matheson - graphic novels

    I know that richard matheson's novels 'hell house' and 'I am legend' have been turned into graphic novels, but I haven't been able to locate them. does anyone know where I could find them or if they're still in print? thanks! (and I hope this shouldn't be in another area - if so, I'm...
  11. Schattengestalt

    Susan Kay: Legacy

    yeah... I did some checking and I didn't find anything on that. thanks!
  12. Schattengestalt

    Susan Kay: Legacy

    I don't think it's based on another novel, just on the life of Queen Elizabeth. I think it won a romance award, so I also wanted to know if it was sappy or not.
  13. Schattengestalt

    Susan Kay: Legacy

    has anyone read this book? I found a copy at a local bookstore and I'm just wondering if it's worth the twenty two dollars the seller is asking for. I read (and enjoyed) Phantom so I assume I'll like this one too. any thoughts?
  14. Schattengestalt

    Brian Jacques: Redwall

    redwall! I love my redwall books and made a point of buying them all in hardback and paperback... obsessive, I know. I read them all during grade school but I haven't read any of brian jacques' other books. I plan on giving mine to any kids I may have. I tried to get my brother to read them...
  15. Schattengestalt

    Umberto Eco: The Name Of The Rose

    I was thinking about reading this book, but I heard that to really 'get it' you need to read some sort of companion book. is that really necessary?
  16. Schattengestalt

    Best Science Fiction Films

    top 10 in no particular order: - the matrix series - star wars episodes III, IV, V, VI - blade runner - underworld, underworld evolution - gattaca - A.I. - jurassic park - planet of the apes (the original) - time machine (the original) - aeon flux (I think there are other versions of...
  17. Schattengestalt

    Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi

    battlestar galactica rules! bsg is such a great show. I never watched tv, but I saw one of the first episodes of this and I was hooked. I've been teased about it, but it is definitely the best thing on tv. I heard the next season will be darker, which is exciting, but how much worse can it...
  18. Schattengestalt


    hi everyone! I actually 'joined' this site a long time ago but didn't post. I wandered the forums for a while and I figure now is the time for introductions. I love this site because I've finally found a place other than school where I can talk about books. it's so exciting to know that a huge...