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  1. sharlene

    Suspense/Thriller novels written by women?

    Hi, Julianne Hoffman - Plea of Insanity is one book that comes to mind. I've read the book, would highly recommend it. I've also written a thriller/international suspense novel, which the main character is also female - Initiated to Kill. And of course, if you like mystery, Kathy Reichs and...
  2. sharlene

    Book reviews

    Hi, I have a blog in which I post a book review every couple of weeks. My book reviews are not necessarily about well-known books, but ones that most people wouldn't have heard of - some self-published or published by a smaller publishing company. If you want to check out what I've reviewed...
  3. sharlene

    Up for a different take on a thriller?

    I've read many books, some good, some bad. But often I come across a very similar thing - they all have a similar way they go. Thrillers have your atypical main character, pretty mainstream. Although some can be really good, I wanted to create a novel in which there are various elements in the...
  4. sharlene

    Hi, I've just joined the site.

    Hi, I'm a published author new to this site. It would be great to get advice from both readers and authors. Also, if anyone is interested in reviewing my novel, Initiated to Kill, let me know. I'm also open to interviews and offering advice for anyone that needs it. Thanks
  5. sharlene

    A published author, appreciating advice, reviews and or spreading the word about my novel...

    A published author, appreciating advice, reviews and or spreading the word about my novel, Initiated to Kill.