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  1. BeerWench13

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

  2. BeerWench13

    I hate books-salon.com

    I moved in December and sold or donated many books. However, I could not part with them all, nor will I ever. I love my Kindle and my Kindle app on my phone, but they could never replace some of the books that I have in my library. Besides, my library sure would look funny with nothing in it...
  3. BeerWench13


    I don't get online much on weekends so I missed this. Maybe the next one
  4. BeerWench13


    Sounds like fun. If time permits, I'm game.
  5. BeerWench13

    have you guys read an e-book

    My eyes strain when I read on my monitor or laptop for too long.
  6. BeerWench13

    Random Image Thread

    This made me chuckle this morning.
  7. BeerWench13

    have you guys read an e-book

    If so, would you like to donate it? I know a poor soul who only has one e-reader and would certainly need the additional storage space of a second. :D
  8. BeerWench13

    Children's Books you still love to read today.

    I'm still hooked on Dr. Seuss. Every once in a while I'll pull out all of my Seuss books and read them. The only problem is that all of my dreams rhyme like a Seuss book for days after. It's amazing how the mind works sometimes.
  9. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Carry On by Fun. Again?
  10. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    I haven't bought a DVD in ages. I think the last was porn. :oops: Last song you listened to?
  11. BeerWench13

    Random Image Thread

    Too much Netflix downloading?
  12. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Two weeks ago with a buddy of mine, ninja style. Again?
  13. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Jamaica last May. Can't wait to return! Same.
  14. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    I will probably do it whenever I finally get across the pond. Last island you visited?
  15. BeerWench13

    Innate Talent vs Monkeys on Typewriters

    The mind is a powerful thing and I believe in the power of positive thinking. However, I also feel that a basic talent as well as desire must be present to become adept at anything. As my basketball coach used to say, "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. You can know...
  16. BeerWench13

    Boston Marathon attack

    What scares me more than anything is that the perpetrator(s) more than likely think they have done a good thing. I cannot understand how one can become so enamored with any cult/religion/group that would condone this kind of violence. I cannot think that any God (or whatever name you have for a...
  17. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    A vacuum cleaner. OCD city. :D Again?
  18. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Face-planted a windshield back in 2002. Was in the E.R. for about 3 hours. Last thing you bought online?
  19. BeerWench13

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Self-portrait posted on the Chive. Again?
  20. BeerWench13

    Random Image Thread

    I was horrified to see what happened there. :(