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  1. SFG75

    Philosophy recommendations?

    Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. Definitely some great stuff there.
  2. SFG75

    Speed Reading

    Caro's books on LBJ are amazing, no doubt about that. I like the in-depth writing style that he possessed and I appreciate the laying of the groundwork to make you feel like you are in the meeting itself. I could see skimming chapters or pages of a book you don't find interesting and I think...
  3. SFG75

    Dogs, Cats, Rats...What Kind of Critters Do You Have?

    Cats, cats are life.
  4. SFG75

    The Bible

    We must be cautious regarding reckless classification, lest we fall into an exercise of that validates the theory of solipsism. The part of the Bible can be divided into historical writing, poetical books, literature, as well as writings on law specific to the Hebrews. The issue of translation...
  5. SFG75

    The Strand's books quiz-could you work there?

    It's quite a doozy. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/07/14/nyregion/strand-quiz.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=0
  6. SFG75

    Books of your childhood

    Ferdinand the Bull was a favorite. I also read Mike Mulligan and his steamshovel a million times.
  7. SFG75

    Atlas shrugged

    A cool video on Atlas Shrugged from an old conservative lion.
  8. SFG75

    Amazon Tap

    A Bose radio for your car?
  9. SFG75

    Post Book Cover: Your Current Read...

    Loving it so far.
  10. SFG75

    Post Book Cover: Your Current Read...

  11. SFG75

    Differentiating hyperlinks

    Is there a way that hyperlinks could be a different color or stand out in some way? When you create one, it looks like regular text and no one knows is unless their cursor moves over it by pure chance. Thanks, SFG
  12. SFG75

    David Brooks The Road to Character

    The Road to Character (click to see Amazon hyperlink) by David Brooks is one that folks for the conserving of social values will like, will those who can't stand conservative thought, will dismiss as a protest against the prevailing wind of progress. The thesis that Brooks puts forward is that...
  13. SFG75

    The Illiterate Messiah of Illiterate Literature Puking a Poem at You

    What's the title of the works?
  14. SFG75

    e-Books Vs normal books..

    Oh snap Print better for comprehension than e-books which make you a knuckle dragging, troglodyte. :devillook
  15. SFG75

    The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the Worl

    Jeremy Rifkin is one heck of a futurist writer. His End of Work is NOT to be missed if you want to glean what the future holds. The guy predicted the state of society before Uber and Airbnb. This book sounds quite interesting, though I don't know if "industrial" is the right description.
  16. SFG75

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Listening to a lot of Alice Wolf. What an incredible band that reminds me of the grungy '90s.
  17. SFG75

    Book vending machines

    A novel idea! book vending machines
  18. SFG75

    Do we learn from history?

    In terms of race and social conditions, perhaps we have learned and things have improved considerably....not that there isn't room for improvement. I'm not certain if we've learned about economics and whether or not allowing financial traders to run things is akin to allowing teenagers have...
  19. SFG75

    What scares you the most...

    This would put a bummer on things.
  20. SFG75

    SFG's Coffeehouse....a curmudgeonly caffeinated library & cantankerous free for all

    Ethics in a permissive society was a book published in 1971 an features a Christian apologetic's take on social issues of the day. The first two chapters revolve around ethics as expounded by Jesus and Paul and is surprisingly, one of the better chapters in the book as they are a side bar to...