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  1. Polly Parrot

    More Than One Book...?

    I've never been able to limit myself to reading one book at a time. Mostly because I'm not always in the mood for the same book. So right now I've got Dracula on audiobook, am giving Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? another chance, as well as several non-fiction books which I'm reading for...
  2. Polly Parrot

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi there and welcome to Book & Reader! :D
  3. Polly Parrot

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    Just to get this started again... Outline of Part I / Chapter 1: Introduction - The Willingdone Museum - The finding of the letter - Pre-history of Ireland - Mutt and Jute - Jarl van Hoother and the Pankquean - The Fall 0f Finnegan's Wake - Introduction of H.CE. (taken from James Joyce...
  4. Polly Parrot


    I think that's more of a Facebook and Twitter thing. The forum will let you "like" posts which, in my opinion, is quite enough.
  5. Polly Parrot

    What are you reading?

    Ford Madox Ford, A Man Could Stand Up On audio: Mary Shelley: Frankenstein J.R.R. Tolkien: The Silmarillion
  6. Polly Parrot

    What are you listening to Right now?

    David Bowie: Starman
  7. Polly Parrot

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    My non-fiction reading is still mostly research-motivated. And some general interest. Currently reading these: David Monger: Patriotism and Propaganda in First World War Britain: The Nation War Aims Committee and Civilian Morale David Aberbach: National Poetry, Empires, and War Mark D. Larabee...
  8. Polly Parrot

    A new category and two new sub-forums

    It's been moved. :shifty
  9. Polly Parrot

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Do audiobooks count? I've recently bought, and listened to, Elton John Me; Audible's "Monster Collection (Jekyll & Hyde, Frankenstein, and Dracula). Bernadine Evaristo, Girl, Woman, Other Haven't bought much else recently. :( BUT, and this is a big but, Alex Pheby's Mordew is out in a few...
  10. Polly Parrot

    New poll »» Auld Lang Syne

    Will a picture of Sparklepants the Druid now become the forum's new logo and / or background?
  11. Polly Parrot

    Mental Illness

    Merged the two threads as you created one with the same question in the not too distant past.
  12. Polly Parrot

    In the cinema

    Order? It's not a restaurant.
  13. Polly Parrot

    3 Months of Kindle Unlimited

    I'm pretty sure Kindle Unlimited is offered for free or substantially less quite often.
  14. Polly Parrot

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    I've read it and will have something to say regarding the translation of Book 1 / part 1 but life got in the way the past week. :D
  15. Polly Parrot

    Reading Group, Book of the Month, Ideas...?

    With Finnegans Wake I don't think a few chapters at a time is feasable. Too much weirdness to digest on each page for that. First chapter would be ok I suppose though as it's only 29 pages. The ones after that are a bit longer. I've never read Hemingway :eek: so I'll join for that if you...
  16. Polly Parrot

    Reading Group, Book of the Month, Ideas...?

    Yes, Jung. And don't forget Beckett. Let me know when you get your copy / copies and we'll get started. In the meantime, I'm trying to think of something, uhm, less challenging for a regular book of the month. Perhaps a novella would work.
  17. Polly Parrot

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    I've added some links to the original post. Also some YouTube wake-bits. This is a little dated with the weirdly animated bust but it's a recording of James Joyce reading from the Anna Livia section of the book. From earlier on in the book, the ballad of Persse O'Reilly, set to music. :D
  18. Polly Parrot

    Reading Group, Book of the Month, Ideas...?

    She was, yes. Though Lucia's story is a rather sad one and she spent most of her life in a mental institution. Some say that Finnegans Wake is James Joyce's version of his daughter's illness and dreams. The book I'm reading at the moment is a fictional account giving the perspectives of a lot...
  19. Polly Parrot

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    I don't think there is a translation to regular English, or anything that turns it into a coherent narrative unfotunately. Nor is there anyone who can say with any modicum of certainty what it is about except some silly drunkard who gets up a ladder, dies and stays that way for most of the book...
  20. Polly Parrot

    Are You a Likely FBI Bitch?

    You seem to be a tad obsessed by the FBI and what they may or may not be doing.