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  1. mehastings

    Blunkett criticises pond officers

    I don't really know what a CSO is, but I hardly think it is right for them to be blamed for not getting in the water. First responders in the US are always taught not to make themselves into additional victims. By getting into deep water and trying to make an untrained rescue, they risk...
  2. mehastings

    John Irving - October 2007 Author of the Month

    I just finished A Widow for One Year, and it was fantastic, possibly the best book I've read this year. It would seem that this book also has a movie, The Door in the Floor, which is based on only the first of three sections. I'll have to get it and see how it goes. I'll write up a nice...
  3. mehastings

    Robert Jordan

  4. mehastings

    John Irving - October 2007 Author of the Month

    I thought I would open this up early to give people a chance to extend the discussion in addition to extending the reading time. Don't feel pressured to start early if you don't want to! I'm reading A Widow for One Year right now and really enjoying it. I'm looking forward to the chance to...
  5. mehastings

    Poppy Z. Brite: Liquor

    I haven't read any of her horror. I had a couple of them and started them, but couldn't get into either. I really don't like horror, so it wasn't all that surprising. I have read Prime, which is the initial follow-up to Liquor. I don't think it was as good as Liquor, but I still really...
  6. mehastings

    Can anyone help me with Montana 1948

    Easy suggestion...read the book. The thing is peppered with quotes about the relationship between father and son. Besides, it is an easy book to read and tells a great story.
  7. mehastings

    Declining Interest in Book of the Month

    I feel exactly the same. I have my Irvings ready to go too, I just keep forgetting to pick them up. :o I will though! This is the kind of thing that I envisioned. By allowing long standing members to choose the books we don't have to worry about members suggesting books and vanishing...
  8. mehastings

    Suggestions: November 2007 Book of the Month

    Sorry. Voting has already started. I guess I forgot to lock the thread. :o
  9. mehastings

    Any Board Gamers Out There?

    I haven't heard of the other two, but we play this one a lot. It takes a little while to get used to playing it (as there is a lot to it), but after a few plays you'll love it. We have the expansion set to play with 5-6 players and really like doing it that way.
  10. mehastings

    Any Board Gamers Out There?

    That's because it is totally not worth it. All the hassle and money just to feel rushed and guilty the entire time stinks.
  11. mehastings

    Any Board Gamers Out There?

    Well, maybe you won't. Of course, when I was your age, I never stopped. I was out with my friends all weekend long and doing other stuff afternoons and evenings after school. You never know what you'll appreciate later on. My husband and I aren't even thirty yet, but when going out to dinner...
  12. mehastings

    Declining Interest in Book of the Month

    This is why voting is public now. I was starting to suspect that there might be people voting who aren't actually participants in the forum. I don't think I would be interested in run-off elections though. I think making the process less complicated would be better than more complicated...
  13. mehastings

    Any Board Gamers Out There?

    I've played most of the games you guys mentioned (except the Booklover's TP...I know I'd have nobody to play that one with and Battle of the Sexes). I enjoy Scrabble and Scattergories and have been looking out at Yard Sales this summer for those two and Outburst. I haven't been lucky yet...
  14. mehastings

    Back Again !!

    Hi! It is great to see you back! Saw it in re-runs when I was younger, nothing special (at least in my opinion).
  15. mehastings

    Any Board Gamers Out There?

    Now that we are getting older (or at least it feels that way), my husband and I have started playing a lot of board games with friends rather than going out at night. It is just easier than finding a babysitter and paying them a small fortune so we can be the married people in the bar...
  16. mehastings

    Voting: November 2007 Book of the Month

    Vote for your choice! Voting is public. Middlesex was not listed as an option as it was already done in April of 2006. Sorry!
  17. mehastings

    Declining Interest in Book of the Month

    For some time, I've noticed a declining interest in Book of the Month. It isn't a tremendous effort to run it, but it does take some work, and the lack of interest from the membership is making me lose interest as well. I'm looking for some suggestions as to how we can get BOTM back on...
  18. mehastings

    1 in 4 Americans don't read-CNN article

    Sounds to me like Richard needs to get one of those pool floats with arm rests so he can read in the pool.
  19. mehastings


    It is fine. Just don't take benadryl all day long for a week on top of your zyrtec or allegra. Taking it on occasion once a day is fine.
  20. mehastings


    Try taking three diphenhyramine, commonly referred to as Benadryl. Guaranteed to knock you out and it is non-habit forming (unless you're taking it a lot).