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  1. RDC8492

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Only if they are empty.. :p What exactly is YOUR definition of too many?
  2. RDC8492

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Old school again today... it's Monday, needed a kick
  3. RDC8492

    The Phantom of The Opera

    One of my all time favs... in any form. I've read it, watched it, listened to it and would repeat all of the above many times!
  4. RDC8492

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Woke up fiesty...
  5. RDC8492

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Hmm, interesting thought Bob... answer would have to be No.. not yet. But now that you mentioned it... hmmm Je ne parle le français aussi, pourrait être amusant! (I speak French also, might be fun!) Most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
  6. RDC8492

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Hehehe, that song ALWAYS makes me think of my dad. He loves it. Every time it comes on, he gets this goofy grin and chuckles. I'm all over the place with my music... started out kickin it old school R&B (Ike and Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett etc) and now needed some more adrenaline so I...
  7. RDC8492

    Feedback on new Book Trailer

    Thanks for the feedback! I can fix the duration of the narration screens easily. And Logan.. I can't think of any "reason" other than marketing and branding. I've seen others have them so I figured I'd attempt to make one for B.E. Lol it didn't cost anything but time to create and I had...
  8. RDC8492

    Feedback on new Book Trailer

    I'm going to put this under the Shameless Self-Promotion thread even though I am actually wanting to hear some reader feedback on the use of book trailers. I recently made one for B.E. Wilson and would like some constructive criticism from the readers here. Do book trailers catch your eye...
  9. RDC8492


    Good morning and welcome Finmac. Jump right in.. it's a very friendly and fun bunch here.
  10. RDC8492

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Morning motivation...
  11. RDC8492

    Random Question..Keep posting

    The day my son was born. (Yeah, I know.. I'm a chick lol but it was the best day of my life) Biggest regret in life?
  12. RDC8492

    Top Three All-Time Best Rock Albums

    I have sat here with this window open for what feels like eternity trying to type ONLY 3 favorites. It simply can't be done! HUGE music fan with an appreciation for everything except Opera. lol I can't choose just 3! Shinedown ranks tops of current fav but if you forced me to go with...
  13. RDC8492

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Not if I knew what they were before I put them in my mouth. Blindfolded... and clueless... yes I would. Most terrifying moment?
  14. RDC8492

    Favorite Books Of New Members? Least Favorite Books?

    Hi Logan. It'd be hard to pick just one favorite. If I was forced to, I'd go way back into a book from my youth... "Where the Red Fern Grows" by Wilson Rawls It was the first actual novel I read as a child. I've never forgotten it forty years later. :) Moderator Edit: Removed...
  15. RDC8492

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Reese's Cups Ever eaten or would consider trying Escargot?
  16. RDC8492

    Has anyone read this book besides me?

    Well see, there you go then! Something new to give a shot. Give him another few weeks and he will have book two out in that series AND another one that is all hush hush. I'd tell you but then he would remove body parts of mine slowly one at a time. lol Stephen King was brand new...
  17. RDC8492

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Does a pontoon boat count as a speedboat? if so... speed. But not very fast unfortunately... more like a meander slowly boat. Visit a nude beach?
  18. RDC8492

    Hopefully right section for this.. Question for both Readers and Authors

    Many thanks. I think I was just wearing my heart on my sleeve that day because what I said wasn't what I'd call spam. It was on a forum that I've been a member of for years and actively participate. A guy that I interact with often on threads and in pm asked specifically for a sci-fi...
  19. RDC8492

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Oil of Olay Have you ever skinny-dipped?
  20. RDC8492

    Ben Aaronovitch

    La la la la.. since you read sci-fi... uh.. um... would ya, could ya... maybe even peek out of curiousity? lol Hugs to you both... I couldn't resist the temptation. Not alot of sci-fi convos on here. We need more!