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  1. Z

    I want to write a screenplay adaptation of a book: Trampled By The Gods. How do I obtain the rights?

    How does one obtain the rights to adapt a screenplay from a book? Do you contact the publisher? The author directly? His or her agent, manager, group? I read a book on my kindle entitled Trampled By The Gods. I would like to sketch out the screenplay before anyone else beats me to the punch.
  2. D


    Here's a little, funny story that I think you will enjoy https://doctorpap.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/trader/ feel free to leave a comment or your opinion. And don't forget to smile :)
  3. P

    My latest relaese "Signature Walk: When striding the globe was just not enough". http://www.amazon.

    My books are varied genres. I have works around the globe from kids stuff to adult. At least one title has been adapted to TV format. This screwball fashionable chase around fashion capitals is to be reviewed for film by Sandra Bullock. Stop by and check out a few chapters on Amazon worldwide.
  4. S

    Help this new book be published

    A new book I really would like to read that I've backed. If you can't spare any money please share on social media. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1821708802/aporkalypse-an-entertaining-end-of-the-world-antho/description
  5. S

    New Book Please help it reach funding goal

    This new book is on kickstarter that I am really interested to read and I need your help as I really would like a copy of it. The link is below if you could at least share the book on social media soo it has a chance I would be greatfull...