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horror stories

  1. B

    Spine tingling New Release from Chandara Blackwell

    if you are looking for a book to sink your teeth into then check out Lured: A Vampire Horror Series (Ominous Delusions Book 1) https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B0882NW3TF?tag= By Chandara Blackwell and Blair Marrigon There is only one rule— Survive Some people are willing to do...
  2. A

    Horror Short Story - Zombie Cage

    Have you ever wanted to know the facts about zombies? There's only one way to find out: send a team of scientists into the heart of a zombie horde to gather blood samples and genetic material from zombies. As a writer, I may not say much, but I can say Shark Week's got nothing on me. My...
  3. JamesGBoswell

    "That Feeling When You Know You're Doomed" is now $0.99 on Amazon until Dec. 10.

    “That Feeling When You Know You’re Doomed” is a collection of short, existential horror stories inspired by the Twilight Zone and H.P. Lovecraft. Learn more here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S3Z6LK8
  4. JamesGBoswell

    "Why Can't You See Them?"

    Officer Brigitte McCray led the small, pale woman into the interrogation room. She pulled out a chair for her at the table, then sat down on the other side. She used a pen to write the woman’s name, Allison Derby, and her address on a notepad. Then, with a blank look on her face, she said, “Tell...
  5. John Ware


    Hi, this is John. I'm new here, being a creative writer I'm fond of reading mystery and fantasy novels. Hope to discover best reads out there.
  6. Vadimbys

    The most interesting horror book wich you read for last time.

    Recently, I read "The Well" by Joe Faster, it is a very interesting horror story!:) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076DNXZ99
  7. Rouq

    Horror Stories book. Currently free on Amazon (link in thread) would love to get your review

    Started writing a few months back....I write "Light & Easy read" type books. (currently working on a series) Published my first horror book and would love to get your honest opinion. Appreciate if you can leave a review in Amazon. (will work on vol 2 if get some good reviews :) ) It's...