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  1. N


    Hello, my name's Nedina and I'm a Graphic Design student. Books have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love romantic, mystery or fantasy novels. I'm currently doing my final project for University, a book that celebrates books and reading for pleasure. If any of you...
  2. T

    A story told one-by-one by man, woman and dog

    Does anyone know a book like that? It is supposed to be a story about a relationship between a man and a woman, told first by the man, then the woman and finally by her dog. My husband read this book years ago and I would like to find it for him for his birthday. Thanks for any tips!
  3. I

    How to avoid the breakup!

    hello, guys. i got the book for my friend, she is going through divorce now, its perfect guide for people in this hard situation. maybe someone will interest of it too, i can gidve u a link on Amazon. this book is absolutelly free...
  4. K

    ZODIAC Guide to Successful Relationships & Careers - research based LATEST

    This book is for those who seek compatible RELATIONSHIPS (business or personal) and unsure of the suitable JOBS/CAREERS options. Based on 30+ years' independent research and 24,ooo famous/infamous people, there is much info within this volume of 400+ pages. This non religious factual book is for...
  5. K

    Kwan Loo hailing from magnificent London...I'm interested in human behaviour

    A Chartered Engineer by training (hence LEAN techniques), I have mentored individuals and companies to succeed since 1989. Hence my interest lies in applying new techniques for self improvement, performance etc. My last book is: "Zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships & Careers". I notice...