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  1. J

    I'm J.Y Olmos Author of the Sci-Fi Series "The Hive"

    Hello! I am J.Y. Olmos, author of the sci-fi series "The Hive" I just wrote my latest book and would love to know your guy's thoughts! You can get a sneak peek at the 1st chapter of the book by visiting www.JYOBooks.com Here is a quick summary: When Earth is invaded, Evonne witnesses her...
  2. Howard L. Braden

    Author of Ammara, an inspirational adventure novel

    Hi! I am a foreign author with this pen name and with a professionally translated inspirational novel published in e-book. For the promotion from this far country, Hungary, is proved to be too hard, I am here to publicize my book and to search for contacts. Feel free (with my permission) to...
  3. K

    The Black Birds: Book 1 by Zach Nycum

    I was scouring for new books to read while I was on my Dystopian ride but sooner or later they all start feeling the same until I came across The Black Birds by Zach Nycum on Amazon. As well as loving Dystopian books, I'm also such a huge fan of Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy and this has all of these...
  4. Trigirl262

    Hope you'll take a look at If I Should Dream

    I recently published my latest novel on Amazon. It's a young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel called If I Should Dream Before I Wake. For the next day it will be available for $1.99 special promo and is free if you have Kindle Unlimited. I'd love some reviews on it, and would be happy to do a...
  5. Natalie M.J. Fitzerale

    Chronicles of the Omniton: The Journey Through Consciousness

    Highly influenced by eastern religions, Chonicles of the Ominton is a must read for anyone who loves spirituality and stories that make you think. If you love fantastical monsters, spirits and beings from other planets then you will be pleasantly surprised by this strange tale. This story is...
  6. J

    Hidden Gem I found from an author I had never even heard of :O

    Inevitable Ascension by V.K. McAllister. So I usually shy away from indie authors but I had a good friend that kept raving about this novel. After hearing about it from her and several other people I broke down and gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! I thought I would post my review here...