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  1. Alex R. London

    The Stranger's Orphan!

    Hello readers, My name is Alex R. London, and I am a fairly new author who is working on expanding his reach. A year ago, I published my first novel on Amazon, and I am still in the process of completing the sequel. The book is an epic fantasy called "The Stranger's Orphan", and I am...
  2. G. Anderson

    Our Secret Lives - Shameless Self-promotion

    So, I can just shamelessly self-promote here? That's amazing! Thanks, forum! Though I'll try to keep it respectable :) I recently self-published a novella titled Our Secret Lives. It's the story of nine wealthy friends on a weekend away in the English countryside. Things are fairly peaceful...
  3. G. Anderson

    Purple Cherry Lips

    Hi All, I am reading fan and a self-published writer, and here's a short story that I recently published. I hope you'll enjoy it. Feel free to leave feedback! Best, G. PURPLE CHERRY LIPS ‘Your lips taste of cherry.’ Natalie stopped kissing James. She looked at her husband to whom she’d...