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  1. MG Schoombee

    My soul yearns for Ireland.

    Since I can remember I had this yearning to go to Ireland. I love the green hues dancing among the hills. I’m intrigued by the myths and legends of the fae and lost kingdoms of Ireland. I love the music. I adore the men. I love their accent. I had plans on going for a few years, but life...
  2. Porter Lafayette

    FUME EVENT "Aviation's Biggest Lie" Porter Lafayette

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR Porter Lafayette is the pen name of the author of this book. He has flown for over thirty-two years working for some of America’s leading original legacy carriers. His travels have taken him all over the world until he recently became too sick to continue doing the career he...
  3. Joaquin Dorao

    New author in the site

    Hi, I just discovered your site and signed up today. Hello! I am a watercolor artist and traveler based in Spain and have recently self-published 2 books about cities I traveled to and illustrated them with watercolor. Here they are: - Watercolors of PARIS - VENICE watercolor travel journal You...
  4. P

    My latest relaese "Signature Walk: When striding the globe was just not enough". http://www.amazon.

    My books are varied genres. I have works around the globe from kids stuff to adult. At least one title has been adapted to TV format. This screwball fashionable chase around fashion capitals is to be reviewed for film by Sandra Bullock. Stop by and check out a few chapters on Amazon worldwide.