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In fictional writing under the genre of action, there are three books that are written by Carl Berryman that tell an exciting, thrilling, and suspenseful narrative that undertakes the characters' lives into survival in times of war. "2023," "2025", and "Divided We Fall" are three of his books that have had a significant impact on readers. All three books are action novels and the best of them all. In "2023: World War III," the story depicts a war that broke out due to the breaches of boundaries that happened in China, triggering World War III. In connection with war, a novel entitled "2025" was released, and it is about the survival of one’s life as the world turns to chaos. "Divided We Fall" is also a narrative that focuses on political thrillers dealing with conspiracy, betrayal, and top-level espionage by the government. Indeed, these novels are truly brilliant and the best action novels as their storylines never fail to make their readers feel the thrill the author wants to convey.

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