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A few questions...


New Member
Hi I'm Scott and I'm new here. Well anyway, I've recently become interested in the book House of Leaves. I have it here sitting beside me, I got it from a local library. But anyway, from what I've read about it, it seems as though it is a very freaky book, and I'm very easily scared and sort of a scared-of-the-dark person. Like I always dwell on things. Especially horror. Horror movies scare the death out of me...and I love it. But it really does freak me out. But anyway, I'm only 14 years old turing 15 in a couple of months and I was wondering if I should read it. I have no idea how well I'll take it. I think I'm going to let my dad read it first and see how he reacts to it, and then I'll decide if I want to read it or not. See I'm fairly new to horror really, I've always liked it, but I've had a craving for it lately, so I also picked up The Stand by Stephen King, which my dad said was a great book, and I think I'll read that while my dad finishes up the book he is on and can read House of Leaves. But anyway, what do yall think about House of Leaves? Could I take it? I read alot about bad dreams resulting from it. Bad dreams...not good. But I really want to read it so...help me out guys. Thanks!
If you can handle Stephen King books you should be able to handle the horror element of House of Leaves. It's still a very strange book at least in regards to it's writing style and it can be challenge to read because it has a lot of 1st person paranoid rambling from Johnny Truant.

For me though the most interesting parts were about the house itself and the story of Will Navidson's exploration. I thought that was really fascinating.
I didn't find House of Leaves scary; I found it irritating. I never finished it because I just got sick of the style of the book (ie. the back-to-front writing, and the 5 page long footnotes that have virtually nothing to do with the passage they are referencing). :rolleyes:

Give it a go though - you will know pretty quickly whether you can handle it or not. :)
Welcome Scott.
I haven't read House of Leaves, but will check it out. I wish horror scared me. Once in a great while I'll read a book that creeps me out a little bit, but not often.