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All the reasons to say buy the physical book that is also availabe for free online.


New Member
Please can anyone let me know a list of all the things you can say to readers to buy the physical book that they already downloaded and viewed online for free or read via PDF. I want to know because, it is highly likely that if you convince them to also purchase the physical copy of your free book, they might just bye it!

So anyone has any ideas for doing it (without selling anything with it like bonuses, etc.), don't hesitate to post your comment!
no one has any idea left in them? All, I am asking for few reasons that you will put in your sale letter to convince others to also buy the paperback copy of the free ebook (without any bonus attached). So, if you just have one or two ideas, please share with us!
Market to people like me somehow. I hate reading on a screen. I make an exception for these forums and blogs and such (content not available on the shelves of my local library!)
To me, having the book in your hands is far superior than sitting in front of a computer screen reading text.

I think we can argue that the less time one spends in front of a computer screen, the better for one's eyesight.

Furthermore, ebooks can't compete with the collector's pleasure of having his books ordered as he wishes on a shelf which he can contemplate at will.
Don't include the last chapter in the free one.

Ouch. My mom would never get fooled by this...she always read the last chapter first.

If your books are good enough then people will buy the hard copy. For me, if a book makes me think then I'll buy a copy because I know I'll want to take it with me on vacation or out to my patio to read again and again over the years.
Make sure the real book is attractive; a good cover, nice material etc. These things make book lovers want the book in the hand and cannot be replicated in a digital copy. Or offer bonus features in the real book, illustrations, if appropriate, that are not in the digital version.
I just got a kindle for graduating college. It is pretty cool. There are tons of free books I can put on it. The books that I have to pay for cost about as much as the books from the bookstore though, as long as I just buy paper backs
I consider myself a collector (not to the point of clutter, but I like to complete sets), and from that aspect I would like to own the books I read, even if I already read it for free. I do the same thing with music, even though I can download songs for free, if I like them I buy the CD. You can try marketing it as a collectors edition, or perhaps add something like the digital copy may not always be available after Skynet becomes self aware.