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book help


New Member
My friend has a birthday in few days, she loves books and I wanna make her a surprise.
Could you advise me some interesting books?
Thanks for all your tips ;)
Well it is hard to recommend something without some idea of what the person might like. I suggest you make an excuse to take a look at her books first. It also would not be good to get something she already has.

Why don't you maybe just buy her a gift card from her favourite bookstore so she can choose her own books, as it really is quite hard buying books for some one else if you don't have a good idea of what they like reading.
Not that difficult really, even though I don't know age or what books she might like. If she likes fantasy it's just picking up one of the books written by Guy Gavriel Kay. It's historical fantasy and not wizards, magic and good/evil type deals, but he's a great fantasy writer. Also it means you won't be forcing her into one of those really long series that fantasy writers so love to do. Lions of Al-Rassan is the best of them all.