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Can kids read too much?


New Member
Most children do get so much indulged in their books that they actually start living in an imaginary world and this at times is not not good for their mind. They must be watched carefuuly.


I agree. It was Emerson who said "read after the sun sets or you'll miss the most beautiful story of all: life."

beer good

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Most children do get so much indulged in their books that they actually start living in an imaginary world and this at times is not not good for their mind. They must be watched carefuuly.

Most children? Good for them. So much for the common complaint was that children don't read anymore. :)


New Member
I think it depends.

If your kid still have a lot of good friends in real life and he/she has normal social life, so you are good.


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I just wanted to share a thought that came to my mind recently and doesn't want to go away.
Is it possible that your kid is reading too much?
Is it possible that he or she is replacing the real world with the imaginary world from the books?
Should we put the limits and where are they?

Do you have any thoughts about this?

I think if it's balanced then it's fine. But it also depends on what books they are reading. I think reading a lot of books can help the learning process while they are young and their minds absorb everything. I think it sparks their imagination and also their brain.

I feel if children read more they are more educated, smart and have the ability to utilize the skills and knowledge and find something that they are passionate about and pursue it, starting at a younger age. Whether it be singing, playing an instrument, sport, educational like doctor or science.


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I wouldn't worry about them reading too much.

I would definitely worry about them spending too much time before the TV, video games and the internet. Or texting on handhelds.


Everything in moderation. All things could be done too much, but there are worse vices out there than too much reading.


New Member
Everything in moderation. All things could be done too much, but there are worse vices out there than too much reading.

That's exactly right. People complain that children play too many video games and that they just watch TV, now they are complaining that they read too much? I think it's a bit ridiculous.

I agree everything in moderation.
Read to much

Kids read to much, no, kids can never read to much. Sometimes they don't read enough. Reading is good way to start a conversation with other people. Yes, with some books out there that deal with an imaginary world but that is the adventure right there. Its something that is not real and they know that, but it is something that the kids are into. This know the difference between what is real and what is not, reading is just a way to escape from that world, and again a great conversation starter.


New Member
No Way!

I, being 14 think that kids cannot read too much. I have an inside perspective on this because we aren't replacing the real world, we are creating imagination. Books are an escape. Everyone has problems, and sometimes dealing with the problems of imaginary characters is easier than constantly thinking of our own. Books also can improve the vocabulary of kids and help them to know how to spell certain words. When your nose is constantly in a book, it is pretty easy to remember how they spelled something. Therefore, this shows my opinion.


Staff member
The only way can see kids reading too much is if they are reading too much at one and giving themselves a headache. Other than that, no, they can never read too much.


All things in moderation. Video games can be fun but playing for 12 hrs could be unhealthy. Reading is a great hobby, but reading for 12 hrs straight could also be unhealthy. I think the problem in general tends to be not enough reading than too much though.
Sin, you have gotten some very good responses from both ends of the spectrum. I would like to share with you my personal experience growing up. I would go through 5 novels a week when I was 12. My mother who had never read a novel in her life was infuriated by this and grounded me from reading because I was not socializing with the family, she meant watch TV with the family. This infuriated me and to this day I resent her over it. Reading enthusiasm ebbs and flows. If your child is on a reading kick for a year or so let them have it, it will decrease and increase naturally. You are on this forum, so you naturally are a reader. Look at your own reading patterns and see if they are comparable at times. Also keep in mind, kids don't have the pressing matters of adulthood to restrict reading time. Books I read in my pre-teen year put me ahead of the game at university.


Former Moderator
Are you kidding me? I can not conceive of a reality in which it could be said that one reads too much. As for all the utter nonsense about being too much in an imaginary world? CLEARLY these are people who have never experienced the joy of having their imagination stimulated. There are no drawbacks to reading (except if, as some one said, what they are reading is absolute tripe or inappropriate). Reading educates. Full Stop.


I read a lot as a kid, to the point where if I were to get grounded (for not doing chores, lying, etc), my dad had no choice but to ground me from reading. If I was grounded from just the TV and computer, it didn't bother me any because I would just read instead.

And later on, when the time came for standardized pre-college exams (ACT, SAT, etc), I out-performed most of my peers without much effort. I contribute this to the fact that I could read and comprehend quickly, not because I am exceptionally brilliant (I am most definitely not). Except for the mathematics section, the ACT was comprised mostly of grammar, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning. I knew if something was grammatically correct by instinct, because I had read enough to know which answers didn't sound right.

Reality is all well and good, but I've learned more from reading (fiction and nonfiction) that I ever would have if I had just been experiencing "real life". Reading allows you to experience more than you would ever have time or ability to in reality.

And unless your kid is reading so much they are not eating or sleeping, I doubt they are reading too much.


New Member
As a parent, I like to keep my kids active, but I encourage reading greatly. I have found that by knowing what they are reading I can have a better grasp of their mental experiences and what they are being exposed to. I sometimes will let them read books about things that I wouldn't want them exposed to in real life, because it serves as a safe learning tool and satiates their natural curiosity.