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Chaos Quarter...Gritty sci-fi action-adventure

DISCOUNT PRICE! This week only $.99. (5/3-5/7)

Tired of woke nonsense getting into your space opera? Looking for space chases, gunfights, close shaves, and pure entertainment? Looking for tough men and beautiful women doing badass, heroic things? You’ll find it all in CHAOS QUARTER: HORDE.

Book 5 in the series, CHAOS QUARTER: SYNDICATE WAYS, now available for purchase at Amazon..

Rex Vahl just wanted to go home, that’s it. He’s spent nearly a year in the Chaos Quarter, being shot at, kidnapped, tortured, and drawn into other people’s wars. He’s taken on ravaging space hordes and genetic supremacists bent on destroying every last ‘primitive’ human they can find. His ship has been shot up, his crew has been put in danger, he’s nearly lost the woman he loves, and he’s had to deal with stowaways who’ve snuck themselves onto his ship. He’s tired, stretched thin, and wants nothing more than to limp back to the Free Terran Commonwealth for a well-deserved break.

But the universe is not a kind place. After a hidden gravity well sends his battered ship off course, he finds himself ambushed, his vessel crippled by pirates he normally wouldn’t think twice about. Before he can react, he finds half of his crew captured, and the remainder stranded on a hidden world ruled by a vicious crime syndicate. These thugs make their money off slavery, and a city that’s basically a criminal version of Las Vegas, where every vice and evil can be found for a price. Worse still, it’s ruled by a vicious don that’s smart enough to know there’s more to power than brute force. Already stretched to a breaking point, Rex now finds himself vastly outnumbered, and without the usual technological edge he’s grown to rely on. The only people he can turn to for help are pacifist ideologues, who seem to think it’s more moral to be subjugated than dare use violence. If Rex tries to fight, he faces near certain defeat. If he doesn’t, good friends will be sold into slavery. He's used to fighting for people who need the help, but now he’ll be fighting out of anger and desperation, conditions he is not at all prepared for. But Rex isn’t the type to leave people behind, and he’s going to make his move, even if it means burning everything down around them…

Ebook - Chaos Quarter Syndicate Ways FINAL COVER LARGE FILE.jpg
NEW RELEASE! Book 5 in the series, CHAOS QUARTER: SYNDICATE WAYS, now available for purchase:

All Rex Vahl wanted to do was go home, after nearly a year of putting his life on the line for his country in the savage space of the Chaos Quarter. But the universe is not a kind place, and now he finds himself crashed on a world ruled by a crime syndicate. Half his crew has been captured, the other half is alone and outnumbered. Rex isn’t the type to leave people behind though, and he’s going to find a way to rescue his people, even if he has to burn the whole world down around him…

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B099QY7FF5Ebook - Chaos Quarter Syndicate Ways FINAL COVER LARGE FILE.jpg