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The dark and stirring novels that imply the darkest side of society, the evil plan of government, and the oppressed people as victims of war and greed were perfectly shown in Carl Berryman’s novel. "2023", "2025", and "Divided We Fall" are the best dystopian novels. It shows all the dark sides of the people sitting at the top of the food chain. These novels embody a perfect example of a situation in case a war breaks out. The broad, well-written, and mind-blowing injustices were perfectly conveyed. Greed and power were the reasons why the war happened. Political actions that oppressed power and sovereignty were discussed in each book in various aspects that caused society to crawl and find a way to survive. These are the best dystopian novels that are highly focused on the military and politics. This is a great way to show results if a leader only has eyes for national interests that cause violence, riots, and cruelty. This was tackled in the "2025" novel. Also, in "2023," wherein neglection of history can lead to another foolishness, as it explains how the third legendary world war happened. In "Divided We Fall," the plot focuses on politics, showing what the future would be like if the government just wanted to solidify its political power, which would result in a civil war. Indeed, Carl Berryman’s novels are the best dystopian novels, showcasing bureaucratic control settings that may awaken the readers to the present injustice.

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