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Do you judge a book by its cover?

Does the cover of the book decide whether you buy the book or not?

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Originally posted by Darren Lewis
When looking for a new book, how important is the design of the cover?
i find the titles more intriguing, as i try to ignore the books they display with cover facing out & look at them spine on in bookshops.
I look at the
1. title
2. author
3. cover text and cover design
in that order. I don't necessarily do all three stages though.
I can't say that I have ever bought a book just because of the cover, though at times cover design has caused me to pass on certain books. But, cover design does influence my buying decisions. Perhaps foolishly, I assume the cover to be a projection of the tone of a book. (This is particularly true of non-fiction.)
Above all else, I like books to have a particularly "bookish" feel to them. I'm not sure that I can explain that, either. Primarily, I am guided by authors, recommendations, and jacket blurbs.
In order:
Art work

So I guess I eventually get around to looking at the cover. There have been a few times where I put a book down and looked for another edition because I couldn't stand the thought of having that cover on my shelf, but thats a rare day. Books are just like with people in that its whats on the inside that counts.
I don't read books soley on the cover art, but I must admit I've been led to great books by the cover.
Okay, okay, I'm guilty! I bought Carl Hiaasen & Janet Evanovich novels mainly for the bright covers, but in my favour I wouldn't have purchased any more by either author if they weren't any good.

However, if anyone wants to read a good thriller with a fair dose of humour, you won't go far wrong with either Hiassen or Evanovich.
definite need of 'good' cover....: which include origianl title and pictures... personally am very pricky on pictures.
've been blocked fron reading Harry Potter so far because I think the overs are too simplistic and have often ended up in bying books just because covers were looking great.
As far as cover as well: hopefully I was reading SF novels before coming here... cannot say that the 'post-modern over-coloured' covers for SF would attract me here... In B and F it has been the paintings by Siudmak that have stuck me to SF ... tihk I have never seen such a stimulus to learn people reading SF.

Morry :)
I usually decide what to read before I even see the cover, based on recommendations from friends and the on-line write-up.
Cover Design

Several people have asked me to explain the way i make covers because they are very dissatisfied with their publisher's efforts.

It's a matter of having a digital camera (or scanner) and an idea.

I've posted a my method on my website covers1
You can click on Cover Design, or go directly atcovers2

Hope this helps someone! Good luck! This is great for PoD or e-books, and paper publishers can use it if they allow authors to design their own covers.
So do I (prefer the second one). :)

Although the choice might depend on the contents of your book. A crime story? Rather gloomy? :cool: