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Good quality thrillers,detectives,


New Member
Discovering interesting writers of thrillers and detectives is not so easy , so I am looking for suggestions. Because taste is hard to define , here the list of my favorite writers at the moment:
Thomas Perry (surprisingly little info on this great site , not well known ?)
John Sandford (especially the earliest ones)
Robert Crais
Barry Eisler
Lee Child (also the early ones)
Brian Haig (read mortal allies , great read )
John T. Lescroart
Robert K.Tanenbaum
Michael Connelly
James W.Hall
Peter Abrahams (The tutor , nice old fashioned thriller)
Robert B.Parker
Laurence Shames
Gregory McDonald (Fletch)
John D.McDonald ( Travis McGee)
I found fantasticfiction.co.uk a great source of info , perhaps more of you will enjoy this site . All suggestions highly appreciated !


New Member
Fantastic Fiction Right , now I can post a hyperlink , great site for detailed info .
Am wondering why information exchange between people of similar taste seemingly is not very popular , or probably most readers are on vacation. My favorite internet bookdealer -with prices normally 40/50 percent below those in dutch bookshops-had a sale no selfrespecting reading dutchman could refuse , another 30 percent off the price . Of course I had a list ready , but wanting the most out of this great opportunity , I started looking for more books to add to the list .See here , one of the reasons for this thread .
Looking through the forum I came up with :
James Lee Burke
Brian M.Wiprud
William Kent Krueger
Steve Hamilton
So I ordered some of their books to see if I liked them . Would have preferred some more info by readers of the same genre , but maybe this is not the right time for this question .


Well-Known Member
Definitely add Lawrence Block to that list, his Keller series I know for sure is good.
Henning Mankell,
Jo Nesbo
Harlan Coben - in particular his stand alone books
Elmore Leonard
Olen Steinhauer


New Member
Great , thanks pontalba, was afraid I would have to start talking to myself again . Read some Coben and Leonard , did not really grab my attention , dont know why . The others I will certainly look into , especially Lawrence Block .


Well-Known Member
You're quite welcome.
:D Sometimes it's better that way. :whistling:

Re Leonard, I think I may be nostalgic, I have fond memories of the film 52 Pick-Up with Roy Scheider, I suppose I saw it at just the right age.

Block's Keller series is not as dark as he can be by a long shot, his short stories, if read en masse, are extremely dark. Good. But dark.

I'm glad you've picked up on James Lee Burke, his Dave Robicheaux series is one of the best. His daughter Alafair Burke has taken up writing as well, although I haven't read her yet.

I've found a few new authors by reading Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine through the years, so perhaps if you scan some anthologies you could find more authors.


New Member
Problem is not really finding other writers(see fantastic fiction info about 25000 of them) but getting advice from someone with a similar taste , so you dont drown in information . I am still surprised by the huge amount of attention paid to someone like Dan Brown and the invisibility of a writer like Thomas Perry , but of course tastes differ . My theory would be an admirer of Dan Brown would not be pleased with the writers we are talking about . But then again I am probably wrong .


Since you like Laurence Shames have you tried any Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey or Dave Barry? They're all up the same alley, and John MacDonald is on my list because I've heard he is too.
You should also try Chiefs by Stuart Woods.


New Member
Since you like Laurence Shames have you tried any Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey or Dave Barry? They're all up the same alley, and John MacDonald is on my list because I've heard he is too.
You should also try Chiefs by Stuart Woods.
Read a lot of Hiaasen , liked the first ones very much but became bored around the 6th or 7th one . Certainly will have a look at Dorsey and Barry , dont know them . If you mean John D. McDonald , I have read most of his work . The Travis McGee series some of his best work , quality of the early books not great , I think . Not an admirer of Woods , still got quite a few unread ones laying around . Dont think I have ever read one of the Will Lee series ,thanks for the tip MoreCowbell.:lol:


New Member
Also try Mo Hayder (Birdman, The Treatment) and Cody McFadyen (Shadow Man, The Face of Death). :)
Sorry , read Birdman , really hated it , not my taste , grew a bit sick of the mucking about with birds and corpses . I am not a great horror fan . Dont know Cody McFadyen ,thanks Sleepy , hope my bookdealer will survive the creditcrunch lots of new books to try out .:D


Active Member
Have you tried Dennis Lehane?
Mystic River
Shutter Island
Prayers for Rain

All pretty good thrillers.