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Happy Birthday, Billy O!

Irene Wilde

New Member
Apologies for intruding, but I just realized I forgot the birthday of one of my favorite pals and I may not reach him for awhile, so this is my way of letting him know I'm not a complete skunk!

Very warmest wishes, Capt. O. You've been the best chum I could have hoped for, and I hope this year brings you loads of joy.

You're still a man in your prime and that lady from Tahiti is going to find you one day. Make sure you have lots of olive oil and yogurt on hand when she does. :)

Love you lots,

The "I was never good with dates*" LA Blonde

*Dates -- now that's some unexplored territory! :)

Billy Oblivion

New Member
Thank you everybody. I've been off line for a couple of weeks (did you miss me?) because my phone was broken but it got fixed this morning. Now I'm back and ready to be nasty again. Watch out you students, accountantants and southerners (Yorkshire is not Northern Halo!).

Also birthday greetings to Lyra, Controlarmsnow & Martin. watch out you don't get crucified; it happens to Capricorns.

And I hope everyone's impressed that I got the wonderful Irene Wilde back on board (albeit temporarily).

I'm editing this because I thought I'd better point out that I'm still drunk from last night. I think I might sober up by 6 or 7 o'clock (if I can keep away from the advocaat).


Happy Birthday - hope you had a great day!


New Member
Happy belated birthday wishes, Billy O. And may I suggest that you try key lime yogurt.