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Harry Potter Fan Fiction?


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There'll always be fan fiction, not all of which will ever get post to the net, but are there any particularly good Harry Potter Fan Fiction stories out there?

Do people think that there shouldn't be any fan fiction at all, and we should just leave the Harry Potter world as JK Rowling left it?


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Let me ask my friend. She'd know if there were any decent HP fanfic sites out there.


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Fanfiction is fine, so long as people realise that most of it is not very good. There are authors I would rate as pretty much professional writers but without asking them, I'm not going to name them.


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Readers beware; I talk about adult things here.

The one and only fanfic of Harry Potter that I ever got into apparently is gone. It's called "Like Shadows on the Winter Sky" and is by Resmiranda. It's a beautiful story which uses the intellect of the author, Resmiranda, to build up a plot; she invents her own meanings for things, builds upon arithmacy, which is the key part of witchcraft in her story, and at one describes a beautiful garden in such detail that you feel as though you are there with her characters, but aren't overwhelmed by the description.

It's a romance between Snape and Hermione, but it stays essentially non sexual. There are moments when sex enters into things, but not in the way you would normally expect from fanfics. No smut at all, thank you. Snape and Hermione never actually have intercourse, nor do they ever get on such a level as to be considered "together." Rather, he loses control at one point and goes a slight bit too far with her. The age difference is borne in mind, unlike in many other fics.

The plot is basically this: Hermione realizes that Snape is a death eater. I don't remember how. This was about two years ago that I read it. Regardless, she happens to find that out on the same night that Snape reaches the end of Voldemort's rope and rips his eyes out, using magic to ensure he'll never have eyesight again. He's put on bedrest to heal, and Hermione stumbles upon him in his room. He hadn't been in classes that day, and while patrolling (she's Head Girl), she saw his door opened and figured some brave idiots were messing around. So she investigates. What she finds is a short, quaint poem scrawled in blood on a wall.

“All day the darkness and the cold
Upon my heart have lain –
Like shadows on the winter sky,
Like frost upon the pane.”​

This of course grabs her attention. To make a long story short, she finds out his situation, and Dumbledore figures "Eh, what the hell?" and makes her help Snape out with his potions to earn points for a project of hers. She's also studying arithmacy and the two of them try to use this to figure out who Voldemort will target. Arithmacy is apparently, according to Resmiranda, a way to see the future by bending math with magic. But it's like a drug, and it does terrible things to the mind if used too often--you can get stuck in false realities. So, that's the first two or three chapters of the first part of the set of two stories. They're fairly dark, but humourous rather than emo. I assure you.


It all depends on your idea of "decent." There are some beautifully written stories available, but they don't necessarily follow canon, or J.K. Rowling's world (which many find to be to narrow). I have found some that take the characters to places that are far beyond the scope of the canon whiny teenagers into the truly heroic and beautiful.


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The one and only fanfic of Harry Potter that I ever got into apparently is gone....

I've found this (and its two sequels), but I don't have chapters 9 and 10 of the first story (the one you mention). Haven't read it yet.


I've only read a few fanfic things regarding Harry Potter, and they weren't even about the main characters, which I liked. I don't like for people to write about Harry, it bothers me for some reason. *lol*

But, I do believe that most of the fanfic pieces are not very good, but entertaining.


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Some fanfiction is amazing--even better than the actual books. Sh, don't tell Jo I said that. Yeah, there's a lot of bad stories, but there are lists out there of the best fanfics in the HP community.


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The ones I know about that are most readable were written or finished in the gap between the publication of books 4 and 5, so they don't follow canon after that. They're After the End at the Sugar Quill and some pieces by Cassandra Clare, whose titles I've forgotten, and which were in a Yahoo! group. I don't know about anything written later; I wasn't paying attention.
I feel that fanfiction should not be made simply because it is wrong. An author takes time to write a story and that story belongs to him/her. How would you feel if you spent months, possibly years, writing a book, and random people (fans) wrote their own versions of your stuff and made up junk to feel other people's minds?

I'd feel pretty upset...

Personally I think that it is just not right. Just reading that post about the Snape and Hermione thing gave me images that i did not need... such cruelty