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Has anyone read this book besides me?


I hope this doesn't come across as spam because that's not my intention at all. I'm actually looking for some honest feedback and discussion. I make no secrets that it's my best friends book I am talking about but I need to hear what you guys think about it. He's writing on book two in the series so having some reader input will only improve the sequel.

The book is called Highway to the Stars: The Beginning . It's a sci-fi adventure about four automotive engineers who stumble on an incredible discovery. This accidental find creates alot of unwanted attention from a band of misfits villains (*soft spoiler* the villains are really only there for comic relief). The guys end up going on an unbelievable journey as they work through their discovery.

For me, the thing I enjoyed the most was the character development. I found myself emotionally connected in some way to each one of the people in the book. Especially old Uncle Garrett because he reminds me of my granddaddy. lol Right out of the gate, I got sucked into John, the protagonist. John had possibly the worst day any person could imagine. My heart ached for John with all his struggles throughout the book. He earned my respect to say the least. Bobby and Lora.. well let's just say if Bobby were a real guy, I'd be giving Lora a run for her money. He's loveable and funny. Then again, Lora is such a sweetheart that is hide behind a fierce "I don't back down" exterior, she'd either kick my arse for him or make me feel so guilty, I'd leave her man alone. lol The rest of the crew each have their own likable qualities in my opinion. What I want to know is how you think about them though.

You stand to lose nothing by at least taking a peek at the sample chapters on Amazon. If you get sucked into the story, hit the buy button. If it's not your thing, you wasted a few minutes of your time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

If you do get hooked into the adventure and characters, good news.. Blood Red Sky, the sequel is almost ready to send to the editors.. won't be long now at all! And speaking of editors, ignore those early reviews that point out the poor editing, that would be MY fault, not B.E. Wilson's. Since then, it's been polished and perfected the right way by Scribendi, professional editors.

Let me know some feedback so going forward books are what you, the readers, truly enjoy reading. We aim to please!!!


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I never heard of it so I checked it out and see it was published two months ago. That would be one reason I didn't hear about it. Amazon doesn't make it a point to promote first timers.

These days, the next SciFi book I buy will come either as a new release from an established author whose work I have enjoyed, catching up on titles from favored authors, or from recommendations from friends. That would be the other reason I haven't heard about it.


Well see, there you go then! Something new to give a shot. Give him another few weeks and he will have book two out in that series AND another one that is all hush hush. I'd tell you but then he would remove body parts of mine slowly one at a time. lol

Stephen King was brand new once too... until someone took a chance on him. :)