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Help! Can't remember book...


New Member

I'm trying to track down a book. It was published a while ago. Could be 10 years or more. The protagonist is male. I believe he was released from an insane asylum. The story is told from his point of view - in the 1st person I believe.

It starts with his present day life as a "rehabilitated" member of society. I think he is invited back to the hospital for some kind of anniversary. The section of the hospital he was in is no longer used. It seemed to allude to something very creepy. He may have been involved in a gruesome crime and then subjected to something wierd at the hospital. I only read the first couple chapters.

Any ideas?



Well-Known Member
Two votes for "Shutter Island." Excellent movie in any event. Book on the shelf waiting to be read.


New Member
That movie creeped me out. I am afraid to read the book. LOL

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