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i am after some help looking for a book


New Member
Hi there

I hope that someone can help me as I am at a loss at the moment. I have been asked to find a book for a friend but only has limited details about it.

Another friend of mine, recommended this site to ask for assistance so here I am.

I will set out all the information I know about the book and hope that it jogs someones memory or help me to find a way to get hold of this book.

Here are the details I do know.. (Sorry there is not that much)

The frobnt cover has a picture of a dog riding a horse.

The story is about a soldier that was wounded during the Vietnam war and was treated by a nurse (possibly a Vietnamese or Chinese nurse) and they subsequently fall in love and want to marry. My friend seems to think that she saw the book out last year but that doesnt necessarily mean that it was released last year

Like I said, there is not a lot to go by and it has given me several headaches trying to find it.

I really hope that someone can help me as I want to find this book and purchsase it and give it to my friend, for their birthday, next month so no pressure.

I shall look to hear from anyone who can help me

Many thanks

I seriously tried looking around for you on the web.

I know what it is like to not be able to find a title. Unfortunately, my amazing google skills did not find the book.

But I did however find a great Vietnam Book site. Maybe it will lead you to the one you are looking for.

Good luck!

Vietnam Books
I have had a quick look around and cant find anything. You could try posting a description on librarything.com/groups/namethatbook they may be able to help you there. It wont let me post a direct link to it but thats the site.
Thank you for having a look on Google for me. This book is proving to be somewhat illusive.

I will keep trying other searches and hope that one of them come up trumps

With kind regards
Still looking

Hi there

Thank you for looking for the book.

I will have a look on the Vietnam Books site in a moment

Thanks again
Nessage for MoogSM

Hi there

Please excuse me as I am not sure what your message means!

Are u suggesting that the book is call Noir or it is somewhere for me to search?

Can you please clarify

Many thanks
Online bookstore

Hi there
Thank you for the suggestion of bookstore direct

I have been on there but no joy

It is proving more difficult as there is so little to go by,

The only part that is definite, is the front cover with a picture of a dog riding a horse.

Thank you anyway for the suggestion
Kind regards
Hi there

I have conceded defeat in my search for the book I have been searching for, with no success.

it is my friends birthday next week which was the reason for my search as I wanted it as a gift.

I want to thank everyone who sent me suggestions