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I'm the new guy!


New Member
Hi my name is Matthew Weinrich. Here's a little about myself in a long run-on sentence: I love writing, reading, basketball, the Boston Red Sox, airport Security(kidding), cold pineapple pizza, orange chicken, shrimp on anything including tacos, The OKC Thunder, Neil Shusterman, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, The Bible, the word MOIST(kidding again, I hate that word), children especially my son, long walks on any beach and finally my wife of six years.
I have lived pretty much everywhere in the west and climbed every 13,000 foot mountain in the continental United States. Surfed next to sharks, caught a shark, and eaten shark. Was forced to memorize most musicals growing up and even sang the sisters, sisters song from White Christmas with my sister as well. Recently lost 55 pounds and can almost dunk again.(Ok, I grabbed rim but for thirty that's close) I was born into a family full of awkward people like myself. Besides that my father is an author and I recently became one as well.(Shameless plug... Its Call Me Clumsy: 16 Hilarious True Stories) I'm glad to be apart of this forum and hope you all welcome my weirdness with open arms.


Active Member

Sounds like you have had a pretty exciting and fulfilling life so far. The closest I have ever gotten to a shark was the movie Jaws; and as far as singing with my sister goes, she would have beat the stuffing out of me if I ever tried. I think we are going to get along famously as my own "weirdness" will make for good company.


Staff member


New Member
Welcome, seems like you had an interesting life and as it sounds I believe your weirdness will continue. I have hardly been anywhere than my home so it is nice to know someone out there has.:welcome

Gita V.Reddy

Active Member
It's weird not to be a little weird and you are....only a little weird, I hope. :) When's your book coming out?