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looking for a certain book, can anyone help me


New Member
i found this book about 5 years ago in a small store in whitby where at was on holiday, i loved it and would like to find it again, my friend borrowed it and it got wet so she threw it away, but i dont know the title or author, so here's what its about...
its a horror/thriller kind of book about a man who on his way home from work or where ever finds an old building that he later discoveres was a mental hospital in the late 1800's early 1900's. he loves the place so much he starts to think about buying it and renovating the place. he discoveres the places history and finds out that all of its 100 + patients disapeared one day without a trace... he goes back to the place and can hear voices in the walls, and as he is wandering round the hospital he finds ancient druil ruins scribed on one of the walls, the patients have escaped by going into the walls, and because they are all criminals and murderers, they kill people by crushing them against the walls (there arms, faces and stuff protrude out of the walls) they cant escape becasue of a block only allowing them in the hospital walls. somehow they manage to get out and go on a killing spree of a local city killing hundreds of people.

thats all i can remember, some one of the mental patients name was lester, and theres much reference to ancient ruins, druids, contor lines and otehr things to do with that.
im sorry about the grammer and spelling, im dyslexic so please excuse me. :)
any help on finding the title, or author would me much appreciated


New Member
I'm afraid I don't know the book you're looking for, but

vicky982 said:
i found this book about 5 years ago in a small store in [...] my friend borrowed it and it got wet so she threw it away,
do you perhaps need someone to "take care" of her?


New Member

lol, i know, i was so mad at the time, and id only read the book once. its been my favorite read so far. but no thanks. ive already taken care of her, lol


New Member
go to abe booksite and do an advanced search

they have a lot of parameters that might make it more helpful to find your book...thats how i found the book i was looking for