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Looking for epic fantasy books

Raouf Z

New Member
Good evening fellow members.

I'm looking for books, preferably novels that fit the Epic, Action, Adventure, Fantasy genre.

Currently I'm hooked on novels that focus on the adventures of the MC, becoming stronger as the book progress especially those that contain Game Elements, like levels and skills.

Since I'm a polyglot (Arabic, Persian, English, Japanese, Turkish, Turkmen, (Chinese and Russian in the future too товарищ:))), I have been able to find such novels in other languages, mainly Asian, but sadly no luck here.

BTW, any interesting or even better, addicting books that fit the above mentioned genres is welcome here.

PS: I have no problem reading long one's (my record was a Chinese novel with 2 million words) so don't hold your opinion back when recommending.

Clair St.Claire

New Member
I liked The Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan
The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
The Lord of the Rings (Though you have probably already read that...in elvish:) )
Those are all great epic fantasies.
If you'd like you can also checkout my book, Some Must Fall...it seems as though its in your genre. So take a look if you'd like at: www.thcomingcrown.com
Happy Reading!

Richard Crofton

New Member
What age range are you looking for? I just read Craig Halloran's The Chronicles of Dragon Series 1, Book 1: The Hero, the Sword and the Dragons. The writing was for a younger audience (middle school), but it was free on Amazon and apparently the author has many books in the series. Decent story if you're looking for an easy read. More adult? I'd go with The Dark Tower series if you haven't already read.

If you're interested in dark/horror fantasy, I've just published my first novel on amazon titled Agents of Shadow, which is the first book in a series called The Keepers of White. It's contains magic elements in a more modern setting. Feel free to check it out by clicking the link.


New Member
Maybe try some of the Percy Jackson books, although you've most likely read them, or some of the other books Riordan has written (if you don't mind some mythology