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Mary Doria Russell


Although she's relatively new on the scene, she's one of my favorite authors. Ms. Russell has only published two books to date...one more to be out in December. "The Sparrow" was her first. Any fans?
I thought maybe no one was interested. Thanks, Ian. I'll have to reread The Sparrow to do a review, but I'm game.

As I mentioned, she has written two books to date: The Sparrow and Children of God (sequel to The Sparrow). They would be classified as sci-fi. I hope that doesn't scare anyone off, because the story is very powerful and the writing superb.

Basically it is about discovering or encountering another culture, in this case on another planet, and about preconceptions that we don't even know we have and how those preconceptions can affect others as well as ourselves. (Ethnocentricity)

t's also a story about a Jesuit priest and his struggle with his faith during his mission to this other planet. No, it's not a religious novel. It's more about coming to grips with a strongly held belief system that is challenged.

I hope this is enough to get some of you to give them a try.

A review is forthcoming.
I've read Sparrow and Children of God......Is there a third book???? I am not a Science Fiction person...but, these books are great!!! They are complex.
I read "The Sparrow" years ago and was blown away. I rarely read Sci-Fi, not because I don't like it; I just don't seem to seek it out. "Children of God" slipped by me but I seem to remember a friend telling me he was disappointed in it. How does it compare to "The Sparrow?"
It was just as good as Sparrow, if not better. Your friend might have been disappointed because the novelty aspect isn't there. You already know who's who and what's going on...if you know what I mean. I've read reviews where critics say her writing is even stronger in Children.

I've tried to talk some of my friends into reading it, but they're turned off by the SciFi aspect. I try to explain that it's more of a cultural anthropolical study rather than a space story, but I haven't been very successful.

I'd love to get your opinion after you read it.
Dawn, thank you for answering. I'll make sure to read "Children of God" and I'll be happy to come share my thoughts. At the time I read "The Sparrow," I was in an online book chat (long since disbanded) and it was nice to have a place to talk about it!
I haven't found a good book chat site. The ones I visited a while back rarely discussed books. Go figure. If you know of any worth checking out, please let me know.
I am so excited to find this site!
I have read both "The Sparrow" and "The Children of God". Both are well written and complex views into the struggles of faith.These are books that long after being put down they stay with you. I am anxiously awaiting her next book!!
After reading all the positive posts about Mary Doria Russell, I reserved a copy of "The Sparrow" at the library. It came in today, so will probably start reading it by tomorrow.
I just finished "The Sparrow" and must thank all of you who recommended it!

Very thought-provoking and interesting examination of what constitutes faith. And as Dawn mentioned, not so much a space adventure, as an anthropological study of how people impose their own biases on an alien culture.

Darn! Now, I'll have to add "The Children of God" to my overly-long TBR list. :)
Just read it recently myself on a friend's recommendation. Not sure if 'enjoyed' is the right word but I was fairly engrossed by it. The subject matter was a little too disturbing - the whole idea that the mission seemed to be ordained by God and then the awful way things turn out...

Definitely want to read The Children of God though. Is it as good?