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Mr. Darcy or Rhett Butler????

The movie with Matthew MacFadyen was not nearly as true to the book as the one with Colin Firth, who did a much better job.
I've read Gone With the Wind as well as Pride and Prejudice several times. I liked them both. For those voting for Heathcliff, I've read Wuthering Heights too. If we can add heroes, I'd like to add Mr. Rochester of Jane Eyre.

All the above men have their reasons for appeal:

Begging my daughter in law's forgiveness, I cannot vote for Rhett Butler. Though a good-looking and lovable scoundrel, just the fact that he fell for a spoiled rotten, vain, and bad tempered brat tells me he lacks in good sense.

Mr. Darcy is a snob. He can't help it. Society was what it was in his day. However, he was a man who could admit to his failings and improve on himself. Elizabeth did as well. I like that, as people, both learned and grew in this story. I just find that society boring. What do these people do all day? Walk into town, attend balls, shoot birds, have tea, sew ... oh wait READ. I need more.

Heathcliff? I saw the Laurence Olivier version, which only presented part of the book. A revenge seeking angry man is not a hero to me. The book was a good study of a very of jealousy, snobbery, and selfishness ... and other human failings.

Mr. Rochester. I can forgive him for not telling Jane about his wife. How sad that he was stuck in an unhappy marriage with a mentally ill woman; and because of society and church could do nothing about it. And then he finally meets a woman who brings him to life with her intelligence and character.


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I've always had a soft spot for Rochester, prickly as he is at times. But my #1 is still Benedick :D
Even as a moony teenager I couldn't see the appeal of Heathcliff though; that book kind of gave me the creeps, to be honest, I don't get how people tout it as a love story when the dominant emotion is hate. I sometimes think it was meant as a cautionary tale against romantically idealizing people.
I <3 Shakespeare's comedies! My favorite is A Midsummer Night's Dream.
I just love reading Shakespeare. The language is like words being painted. Images are created, but with a rhythm and purpose.

I've not watched any of the movie versions of Much Ado About Nothing. I am trying to imagine Professor Gilderoy Lockhart (Branagh) as Benedick. I've read that David Tennant and Catherine Tate (both of Doctor Who) have performed in a version of the play. I would love to see that.


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the best is mr.darcy because A haughty landowner, Darcy doesn't see why he should bother with people who aren't as rich, educated, or sophisticated as he is. Still, the ladies love him. Last we checked, Facebook had over 400 groups containing the name "Mr. Darcy." A simple random sample of the titles: "I Refuse to Settle For Anything Less Than Mr. Darcy," "I'm Not Looking for Mr. Right, I'm Looking for Mr. Darcy," "I love Mr. Darcy enough to make Jane Austen uncomfortable."


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Uhm.... never read anything of both of them but I saw them on TV. Judging from the movies I'd prefer Matthew Macfadyen over Clark Gable anytime.

Both are different characters and I have a hard time to compare them.

Maybe it's time to pick up the books ? !