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October 2013: Adolfo Bioy Casares: The Invention of Morel

Polly Parrot

Staff member
Yes, I am aware this one wasn't one of the suggestions for October. However, because there were so little votes and not a whole lot of time left I thought I'd pick this one as it's a short story so there should be enough time to read it before discussion starts. :)
I believe that in order to fully appreciate this enigmatic piece of work one ought to watch Alain Resnais' film Last Year at Marienbad which drew on its ideas - mainly on time and memory a la Borges. I see it as a mirror which is held up onto reality, or a virtual reality (almost science fiction) which runs parallel to film and tv-reality; a sort of vicarious experience that highlights the reader's/viewer's perception of fiction. It carefully sets up and then later on deliberately blurs the black-and-white distinction (mimicking the silent films of the 20s that the author was so fond of) of the real world and the perceived world.