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October / November 2014: Clive Barker, Mr. B Gone


I've read the part where the demon is burned in a fire made from his own curses. Then kills his father before being dragged from the bowels of hell up into the world of men. He kisses the beautiful girl who falls into a boiling vat and has the flesh boiled from her face.
Not really as horrible as it sounds as the writing style is most humerous.


Written in a very amusing style, from the first person. An easy read and quite pacey, I have a few pages left but have enjoyed it immensely. Though it is horrific it is written insuch a way as to lighten the unpleasantness and could be read by teenagers just as easily as adults.
Thoroughly recommended thank you Supereadergirl for recommending it.

Polly Parrot

Staff member
I am reading it on my Kindle so I also ignored his instructions.

Not my usual genre but sticking with it for now. :)

Polly Parrot

Staff member
Still struggling to keep reading this, I don't find it at all captivating, nor does it make me want to keep reading.

I'll keep on keeping on though.


Well-Known Member
I think the author was trying to tell us something when the reader is continuously implored to burn the book.

I was amused by the dark humor and I guess the concept of someone being changed into a book is original. There were some good ideas as far as who is the greater danger to humankind, demons or humans and the concepts of sin being what you are vs what you do but this novel didn't really interest me. None of the characters or situations were particularly memorable and it just seemed to me like Barker borrowed other concepts from various sources to put in this book.