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Oh Happy Day!


New Member
Saturday My Vampire took me to my favorite used bookstore and I got ten new books for under $30. I am so happy! I love books, I love having lots to read. I think I may actually qualify as an addict! LOL.

Has anyone here read; "Your Money or Your Life." ? It makes a great point that everyone has something that they are just a sucker for. The book calls these things "Gazingus Pins." It's the thing you will buy on impulse every time, Thinking... "wow, a RED one, we don't have a red one yet!" My Gazingus Pin was overwhelmingly a book. I'll buy them every where at the slightest provocation.

Do you guys do this? Or do you manage to behave and stick to a budget?

For me, the words "book" and "budget" do not go together. I had to buy some books for school through Amazon, so of course, besides the texts for class, I got several others.

I do, however, buy used books whenever I can, and will always look on half.com, ebay, and the Amazon marketplace for used copies, as well as in local used bookstores for titles. I'll never curb my impulse buying completely, though.

I'm going to a library book sale Saturday, and the only reason I may not buy out the place is that we're taking the subway there. If we were driving, I'd end up with stacks.

Congratulations on the finds!