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Orson Scott Card to J.K. Rowling


New Member
omg now i dont like JKR anymore,i find it so intresting,how people are willing to suck up to others and get what they want,and the moment they have it they just turn around a stab thier allies in the back


New Member
Who thinks J.K rowling is actually likeable?

J.K Rowling has made millions and billions of dollars/quid,shes got so much money she cant spend it,but after so much money,she wants more,and shes becoming REALLY bitchy about it

J.K. Rowling, Lexicon and Oz

read that article by the author of a novel called 'enders game',rowling is trying to sue people and is claiming that her ideas have been stolen,when actually almost every last morsel of her plotline was stolen from someone else


New Member
I haven't really been following this case. I love the Harry Potter books but I've made it a point to not read up too much on my favourite authours because they usually disappoint and then spoil their stories for me. That being said, she spent years imaging every detail of the Harry Potter universe and writing her novels. She publicly announced that she would eventually publish a HP encyclopedia to accompany the series. I'd be pissed too if someone regurgitated my work and published it.


New Member
Card and Rowling are two of my absolute favorite authors. To tell you the truth, the article made me a little sad about the both of them.


Ha, great article. His point was that many stories have elements from other works.

Yes, something like that. A random answer from yahooanswers
1 - [wo]man vs. nature

2 - [wo]man vs. man

3 - [wo]man vs. the environment

4 - [wo]man vs. machines/technology

5 - [wo]man vs. the supernatural

6 - [wo]man vs. self

7 - [wo]man vs. god/religion