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Raymond E. Feist: Magician


New Member
Question for Feist fans -
Is the Krondor trilogy worth reading? I loved Riftwar thru to Serpentwar, loved the Empire trilogy, but when I picked up the 1st Krondor (The Betrayal?) I was bitterly disappointed with it and put it down half way. Was I not in the right frame of mind, or was it 2nd class stuff?
Also, aside from the Empire trilogy, I haven't read the 3 other collaberations,
Murder in LaMut, Honoured Enemy, Jimmy The Hand.
Are these books in the same class as the originals? Are they still worth reading? I will get to them eventually, but if recommendations are favourable, I may make it a priority.
Any advice appreciated.


New Member
Well I've read Magician and IMO it still remains his best work. I don't think Feist is a much better than average writer for my tastes and the stories and characters he potrays are nothing remarkable but he's a reasonably engaging writer all the same. So much so that I've read just about everything he's written. I think the co-authored work with Janny Wurts (a far more talented writer IMHO) Daughter Of The Empire trilogy is the other best work.


New Member
Self said:
Have you read the books I mentioned Gollum? Any chance of an opinion on them?
Well the Krondor trilogy is probably his worst effort to date, so you're not wrong in your assement there.

Jimmy The Hand is quite good stuff IMO, not least because he's my fav character in the books.

Murder in La Mut is reasonably interesting, certianly better than the Krondor trilogy but nothing that noteworthy.

Honouree Enemy I've not read.

In general temrs fans and critics seem to be indicating that the collaborations are nowhere near as good as the orginal stories by Feist.

In short read them if you're a real diehard fan of Feist's world but otherwise I wouldn't rush out to get them if you've got other stuff you want to get through first.


New Member
This book really amazed me. I was expecting something good, but what I got was one of the greatest fantasy books I have ever read. This book really is epic, and still stands as one of my all-time favorites.
The sequels, while not as good, are still well worth reading as well, great author Feist.


New Member
I agree that the sequels aren't as good as Magician as they do stretch the story quite far telling the tales of the people that follow the Magician, like the sons of the main characters.Ummm...after I am finished with this series can anyone suggest other good fantasy works as Midkemia and The Lord of the Rings is the only fantasies I have read? I have been reading a bit of SF lately you see but dont know who are the good authors in fantasy works.

karl j

New Member
yeah. i really liked the magician series as well, way better than Lord of The Rings in my opinion

Other fantasy authors ... David Gemmell is probably one of the better ones & he's written loads of books ... another one that springs to mind is The Magicians Guild by Trudi Canavan, though i haven't read the 2 follow-up books yet it was certainly a good start to a series.


New Member
I'd go for Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" or Jordan's "Wheel of Time" next myself, or perhaps any of Edding's earlier works.


New Member
I think Feist should write another epic with pug as the central character, instead of his new books (which are disappointing, in my opinion). I am fed up of Pug as a rarely ocurring character. (I suppose he had a a good role in the Serpent War)