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Russian fantasy


New Member
Have you ever heard of Russian fantasy? Probably, not. Well, in this case, you have the opportunity to plunge into the most unusual subtypes of fantasy for a foreigner, such as boyar fantasy, Old Slavic fantasy, historical Russian fantasy and much more! Sounds unusual, doesn't it? The oldest Russian online fantasy and sci-fi library Zelluloza.ru brings you the most amazing stories from experienced authors. How do you like the story of how a young scientist, working for a penny, drags Soviet science into the shining distance? Or about a Soviet athlete who stores Olympic gold medals in heaps for free? In Alexander Ternikov's book "The Apothecary and the USSR (Аптекарь и СССР)" the USSR is a magical country where the most amazing metamorphoses take place with the fallen. In order to start reading this book, you just need to register on the Zelluloza.ru platform! The first chapter of each book (and there are over 1,300 of them in the fantasy genre) is available for free. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the work and understand whether it is worth buying a sequel. Each subsequent chapter will cost $0.14, and you will get new unforgettable impressions about the culture of Russian writing. Can't wait to plunge into the world of Russian fantasy? Come visit us at Zelluloza.ru and get acquainted with the creativity of our writers.