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Secrets and discoveries of the Mayan civilization


New Member

Dear readers,​

Welcome to the fascinating world of the ancient Maya! This book takes you on an exciting journey through one of the most enigmatic civilizations in human history. Join us in exploring the mystical pyramids, colorful frescoes and deep secrets of the Mayan civilization.

The ancient Maya, with their wealth of knowledge, incredible architectural achievements and unique spirituality, have always captured our imagination. Their cities, built in the dense rainforests of Central America, held secrets waiting to be discovered. This is the book that gives you the keys to unlock the doors of their ancient civilization.

As you turn the pages of this book, you will learn about the geographic origins of the Maya and their territorial expansion. We will travel through time, following the periodization of their rich history, while discovering their culture, language, art and way of life. We will explore their deep-rooted religious beliefs, absorbing the wisdom of their gods and goddesses. We will learn about their diet, clothing, education, medicine and many other aspects of their everyday life.

We will not bypass the famous Mayan calendars and astronomy, which was crucial for their tracking of time and belief in the connection between heaven and earth. Through these chapters, we will discover that the Maya civilization did not disappear without a trace, but their legacy is alive and revived through cultural heritage preservation and modern studies.

This book is the result of thorough research, deep admiration and continuous fascination for the Mayan civilization. Through each chapter, we have tried to convey their world to you with respect and accuracy, but also with a sincere desire to awaken your curiosity and delight.

The ancient Maya taught us that the world around us hides inexhaustible secrets and that each civilization is like a unique mosaic that contributes to the breadth of the human story. We hope that you will enjoy this book, that it will open up new horizons for you and that it will inspire you to continue exploring the riches of our past.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through time and space. Now it's time to open the first page and dive into the ancient Mayan world.


Goran Ivković