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Short - short story


New Member
Right now flash fiction is becoming all the rage. How short can a story actually be? The shortest example of a story I have found, is one written by Hemingway on a bet in a ba. The bet was that he could not write a story with just six words. It is as follows:

For sale, baby shoes, not worn.

Do you have any examples of very short stories?
Hmm..I thought for a moment I'd compose my own short short story and astound you all, but have changed my mind. Instead I found this:

From a fridge magnet:

Why I work. A short essay

I like food. The end.
Hey, you got that off the same site I ripped mine off from :) Now I must reply with:

"That's quite similar to an episode in a classic SF radio anthology series. "Knock" by F. Brown."
*total surprise* That was the basis for an entire episode of a series??? For me, the whole appeal is the way it just stops and lets the reader imagine all the rest. Although, I suppose if most of the episode was about how the last person on Earth found him/herself in such a lonely state, it would work ok.